Tuesday, December 3, 2013

our last few days in st. george

after thanksgiving on thursday, we had 3 more days together in st. george before we had to come back. even though we did a TON {no... literally a ton} of relaxing {i think one night we watched 7 {SEVEN} episodes of cake boss before we decided we shouldn't be so lazy. but i mean... it's vacation so we were okay with it.} we still did lots of fun things together!

^^^ Nielsen's frozen custard. a MUST for every st. george trip. ^^^

^^^ a trip to the temple to do baptisms with my dad + malia + caleb. the st. george temple is one of the prettiest. so white and gorgeous, it's basically a castle.^^^

 ^^^ as we were walking the streets after the temple, we came across this fence! yes, there is a love lock fence in Paris {on my bucket list!} but this is the first one started in America. how i wish my sweet Tyler was with me so we could put on a lock. {no worries, Paris is waiting for us ;) } so cool though, right? there were some locks on there from the 1900's!^^^

 ^^^ they have the BEST sandwiches. ever. ^^^

^^^ i guess we just couldn't seem to get enough food? those shakes though. the seasonal Nutella brownie? HOLY. we got seconds that thing was so amazing. the fam was in iceberg heaven im tellin ya. we are definitely suckers for anything that has to do with desserts.^^^

^^^ relaxing by the pool hot-tub. {missing that already! especially with the cold weather.}^^^

^^^ annnndddd one last stop at the red rocks before we drove home! those pancake mountains are so fun. gotta love my parents.... "keen take a pic! it's a heart! - dad^^^

st. george we miss ya already! and you were the best break ever, because all we did was relax.

and now here i am... back in school. loading on the homework and studying my eyes out, preparing for finals, which are going to be an absolute BEAST. but i have encouragement from my love, Tyler, who i got to chat with yesterday over email again. yay for P-days am i RIGHT?

i just keep telling myself... i can do it! i can endure the last 3 weeks and 5 finals. i can do it.


  1. Your family has way to much fun! I am glad you guys got away I am sure the break was nice!

  2. Your family is the cutest! Plus, that food....Wow. Even my half-sick self wants to eat all the food. Especially the frozen custard because what?! That sounds amazing. If I, the mos disorganized student to have lived, can survive my finals then so can you! You can most definitely do it :)

  3. So this is odd, my sister's name is Keena and mine is Malea and we are from St. George. Plus, my family's business is up the street and they sell love locks to put on that gate. So odd!