Saturday, December 7, 2013

with miss megan

 ^^^ ONE finger, and NINE fingers. she's 19... today! and i was lucky enough to be with her at midnight to celebrate her birthday!^^^

we have fun together. always.

+ taking pictures in the freeeeeezing cold at 1 am
+ constantly talking about the love we have for our boys out serving missions
+ talking about us going on missions! shes outta here in just under 2 months (part of me doesn't want my new girlfriend to leave so soon!)
+ eating treats. best.
+ going to "missionary girlfriends" parties. even though we think that's kinda really silly and odd... we have no social life without our boys here so what the heck
+ BLASTING the song "Marry You" by Jason Derulo. on repeat of course
+ becoming new best friends
+ annndddd talking about memories with our boys... more. and more.

^^^ her Elder has been out 4 months, mine, 1!^^^

i love making new friends :) megan, happy birthday pretty girl. i love you!

and happy *SNOWY* saturday! it's a blizzard out there. and i am happy enough that i already have plans to do some holiday-ish things today with Tyler's fam that will put me in the Christmas spirit. i love this time of year!

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