Wednesday, February 12, 2014

because freshman year is awesome

it totally is though. when i look back on how much fun i have had and how lucky i have been to make such awesome girlfriends this year, i feel really really blessed. it has been the best! and it's not even over! also, life in general is awesome. i've been thinking about that a lot lately. there is just so much to be happy about!

anyways, here are some pictures of what i have been up to lately! life as a college kid my friends.

 ^^^ out to dinner at P.F. Changs for Briana's 19th birthday... which is this weekend! the whole gang was there. and it was best food ever. also she is the best cousin ever :) i love you nan. rooming with you this year has seriously been one of my all time favorite memories we have had. i am so lucky to have you! and even though i am wicked jealous you are going to Hawaii for your b-day, i love you forever. ^^^

 ^^^ celebrating Ky's 10th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY little twin! i love you babe :) you are the cutest thing in the world. you have no idea how much i will miss ya when i am on my mission for 18 months. don't grow up too fast while im gone okay? you can't be boy crazy till i come back, either. i love ya little girl :) i hope you loved your special day. ^^^

^^^ puppy holding! for FHE this week we rented a puppy for an hour. is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen? and yes, we realize we only have one boy in our group. missionary age change baby! but we love havin him with us! ^^^

 ^^^ not really related to college, but i love this girl! savanah did so awesome in her halftime! i was so happy i got to go see her :) she is crazy good at what she does. ^^^

^^^ showing our cougar pride and cheering on our favorite cheerleader ever! GO COUGS. ^^^

^^^ who doesn't love a good photobooth strip? ^^^

 ^^^ remember how when i opened my mission call i had this cute handsome elder beside me? yeah. well selfies were needed. he almost looks real huh? he's going to love when i send him these! i wanna keep the cardboard cut out forevvvvvaaaa. well, just until he comes home haha! ^^^

life is good and i am blessed. i am still totally on cloud 9 from opening my mission call, and i constantly catch myself googling things about Toronto, or downloading Spanish apps when i should be doing homework. today i even bought my first bit of mission clothes! eeeeekkk! the giddiness never quits i tell ya!

happy wednesday! i have a crazy amount of studying to do for the 3 midterms i have this weekend. college life baby! crazy busy and hard... but CRAZY fun :)

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  1. Love the puppy! Hey if your looking for missionary clothes, a great place is Bella Ella or The Nest on Main in Springville :)