Sunday, February 16, 2014

on a sunday

 ^^^ im home for the weekend. we have school off tomorrow so i came home for the weekend with my fam! love my sister mia. so so much. along with the rest of my family! ^^^

today i am grateful. for so much! i feel truly blessed and thought i would share of my gratitude. seems pretty appropriate for a sunday afternoon! especially when i am putting off all my homework and studying :)

▲ grateful for an eternal family.
▲ grateful for a home cooked meal after eating peanut butter toast + salad all week.
▲ grateful for my loving missionary, Elder Peery.
▲ grateful for his dedication to the Lord and being hardworking in Arizona.
▲ grateful for the ability i have to exercise and go running and experience the outdoors.
▲ grateful for missions. so excited i get to serve one so soon. i know it's what i am supposed to do and where i am supposed to be... and i can't wait to serve the people in Toronto.
▲ grateful for my friends (special shout out to my girlfriends at college. i love you all.)
▲ grateful for desserts. always.
▲ grateful for the opportuinity i have to go to BYU. such an amazing school.
▲ grateful for technology. for the fact that Tyler can send me pictures straight from AZ (thank you new camera!) and that we can communicate through email (and thank you P days.)
▲ grateful for my parents and how supportive they are.
▲ grateful for the weather. it's a good thing i love the cold because it's going to be mighty frigid in Canada! just realized the other day though that i probably won't get a good solid tan for about 2 years. but Utah's weather is awesome. 
▲ grateful for the power of prayer.
▲ grateful for my siblings. they are the best. 
▲ grateful for my dorm! i have love my roomies and i have loved living there this year.
▲ grateful for memories. one of the main reasons i have this blog is so i can look back at them.
▲ grateful for my job. i love working with the missionaries at the MTC.
▲ grateful for learning. sometimes i feel like i study my bum off and still can't get the score i like, but i am happy i get to be in school and learning. even if i don't get very good grades.
▲ grateful for life, grateful for love.

happy sunday! feeling blessed lately. 


  1. This is such a simple and beautiful post! It's always wonderful to think about all the things you're grateful for because in this life and in the gospel there is just so much to be happy about!!

  2. such a great post idea, it's good sometimes to sit down and think about everything we're grateful for.
    puts life into perspective.

    also, i lived in canada for a couple of years and while it does get really cold in the winter, it also does get really warm in the summer -and you can definitely get a good tan! canada truly gets to experience all four seasons. it's a great country and it definitely grows on you. when i first moved out there, i wasn't a fan but now, i love that country. and i hope you'll love it as much!

    xo, Elizabeth