Sunday, February 23, 2014

the ups and downs of lately

^^^ a preview of my photoshoot from yesterday with Madie Allen photography! took pictures with my cute friend aubrey. i love her soo sooo much. lots more pics coming soon! ^^^

life is like a roller coaster. am i right?

>>  BYU is hard. lots harder than i thought it would be! i am having a hard time trying to stay afloat lately. thankful this week is the halfway mark! cause i am seriously dyin over here.
>>  i have been i lots of photoshoots this week. #bloggerprobs haha! been taking pics with Sister Missionary Mall and boy it gets me all giddy for my mission. we're on the 100 day countdown ma friends!
>>  speaking of mission clothes... shopping has been supaaaa fun :) it's like getting a whole new wardrobe but instead of feeling guilty about buying lots of clothes... it's something you have to do! sooooo boo-yah! see ya later bank account.
>>  missing Tyler lately like crazy. it's super hard and it hits me at the most random times. but hey, happy 10 months to us today.
>>  didn't have to work this week due to the photoshoots i had. a nice little break! except i love workin at the MTC. excited to go back this week.
>>  my test scores this week. umm yikes. who decides to take the 5 hardest classes ever and stay alive? me i guess. and wow i think the teachers think i only have their class. cause they amount of study time they think i have for their exams is like CAARAZZY.
>>  getting more pictures from Tyler. makes my day. not to mention the endless amount of letters i have been getting from him. his letters make me crazy happy because of how good of an artist he is!
>>  mom's cookies. hello yum! those will be missed in about 4 months.
>>  being sleep deprived. deciding to stay up and study every night and have a social life with my girl friends or go to bed early? the struggle is real.


  1. You are so stunning Keena! Can't wait to see some more of those photoshoot pictures!! :)

  2. Girl you're gorgeous! And BYU classes can be really hard, I usually chose anything but studying.. Hang in there:)