Tuesday, February 25, 2014

picture update

a little update of pictures from recently! i'm staying busy with school lately, and today on top of all the school i work a double at work. 8-5 my friends... i feel like it's summer all over again! not complaining though, because hey, i love working with missionaries. i'm just lookin forward to another bachelor episode tonight! bonus. that's what is gettin me through today ma friends :)

^^^ had to say goodbye to one of my best friends, cait on sunday night. she is headed to Miluakee, Wisconsin for her mission! she leaves tomorrow, and she gave the greatest farewell talk on sunday. im so proud of you cait! and you really are going to be an amazing missionary :) can't wait for all us girlfriends to get home and reunite! missionary work is such a blessing. ^^^

^^^ Tyler sent me some really pretty pictures of the temple this week. i'm jealous of him. just LOOK how pretty that temple is! and he gets to go through like a LOT with investigators. i will definitely visit this temple one day! ^^^

^^^ me and aubs :) showin our school pride at the gonzaga game last thursday! we love our cougs! ^^^

^^^ MUAH ^^^

^^^ the 6 chicks. nan, ang, erica, me, savanna, kaitlyn | not pictured, manager stacy. i love these girls :) we made a music video a few weeks ago... still trying to find a way i can post it but MAN it's awesome! ^^^

^^^ there is only one thing better than getting a letter after a long day of classes and studying. and that is getting TWO letters. i miss ya kid. so so much. (also i love that you are an artist.) ^^^

^^^ 1 am pictures coming to you live from keen and ang :) buns in our hair to keep our curly hair lookin curly and lookin like a mix between george washington + princess leia. fab. ^^^

^^^ dinner at Texas Roadhouse with my girls and erica's parents! they were nice enough to take us to dinner while they were in town. also to the creamery. such a good night! ^^^

i am blessed with such wonderful people in my life. ps: how great was the WEATHER yesterday? it got up to 65! in UTAH! whatttttt? what is happening? i was so so happy i got to run outside yesterday. running outside is always better than a treadmill. + it was past the temple. double yay!

oh, and i am still working on getting all the pictures edited from THIS photoshoot, and i will be sure to share them! happy tuesday! here's to hoping for a good day :)

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