Tuesday, March 4, 2014

i miss // for T-MONEY

▲ i miss taking selfies with you. the funny thing is... you were the one who always wanted to. even the kissy ones.
▲ i miss going up to the canyon with you. you loved doing that.
▲ i miss when we used to cuddle up on your couch and watch hours of the office together. it's our favorite.
▲ i miss your laugh. it's the cutest.
▲ i miss staying up super late with you and just talkin.
▲ i miss tickle fights.
▲ i miss seeing you in hats. you look sooooo good in a hat.
▲ i miss when you used to drive me in your truck. you always made me scoot closer so we could hold hands.
▲ i miss your forehead kisses.
▲ i miss playing stratego with you.  you know i am better so you always had to cheat to win :) i always knew when you were though.
▲ i miss our #twss jokes.
▲ i miss goin shopping with you. we both loved to blow our money on clothes and shoes :) plus you have killer style.
▲ i miss movie nights.
▲ i miss your hugs. they are the best. 
▲ i miss hearing you call me ladybug. and keen.
▲ i miss listening to music with you. you are very picky about your music, but i love the stuff we listen to. RHCP baby.
▲ i miss going on the sundance moonlight lift with you. we loveeeeed going, every month.
▲ i miss celebrating "anniversaries" with you. they aren't even a big deal we just loved going out :) every month.
▲ i miss visiting you at work. you always wanted to leave so bad so we could do somethin fun. you'd close up as quick as you could.
▲ i miss your sense of humor. probably more than anything. you always know how to make me laugh.
i miss going on walks with you. we always ended up in the most random places. but we love walks.
▲ i miss when you used to draw on my hand. your artist skills amaze me. you always love to give me art lessons too.
▲ i miss going on dates with you. you said it was your favorite thing cause you could "show me off".
▲ i miss bike rides. you love riding bikes together.
▲ i miss helpin you prepare for your mission. you always made long lists and wanted me to help you.
▲ i miss making treats with you. we both love treats :) especially chocolate.
▲ i miss when you used to tuck me into bed before you'd leave for the night. that's why i love you.
▲ i miss your scruff. and sole patch.
▲ i miss you.

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  1. I love this! It makes me miss him for you!