Thursday, March 6, 2014


my dearest friend Aubrey received her mission call yesterday. ever since the day we met, the only 2 things we talk about are our future missions, and our boys and their missions. we just GET EACH OTHER. i love her with my whole heart and i can't wait to see what the future holds for us! we have been just as giddy for one another awaiting the anticipation of each other's mission calls to finally arrive, and now we both know where we are serving!

Aubs has been assigned to labor in the ARGENTINA, SALTA mission! she is speaking spanish and leaving July 30! i couldn't be happier, and what makes it all the better is that together we are Hermana's :) learnin spanish together to preach the gospel!

and of course we took 1000 silly pictures because that's our favorite thing to do ;) i'll leave ya with 3. 

i can't wait to go out and serve along side several of my girl (and boy!) friends. the gospel is amazing and everyone deserves a chance to hear it and become converted unto the Lord. the happiness it brings me is unreal. (am i getting too missionary on ya already? sorry! not sorry...)

and with that being said.... under 3 months until i leave. whhhaaaatt?

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