Wednesday, April 30, 2014

california beaches

we went to 3 different beaches while we were in California last week! 1 on Sunday night right when we arrived in Anaheim (Huntington), and 2 different beaches in Santa Barbara! 

after 4 days in Disney, we needed a little bit of a break (Disneyland is no "vacation" my friends. in the words of my funny dad "this trip man.... it's beatin the crap outta me. i'm outta shape!" we go hard core... duh!) so we headed down to Santa Barbara where my aunt + uncle + 3 cousins live. they took us to 2 different beaches and even though those were much more windy than the one we went to on Sunday, we had the greatest time. sweatshirts n' all :)

the beaches in Cali... are amazing. (im sure they don't even compare to others... such as Hawaii.) but there are pretty views, pretty palm trees, and pretty piers. just all around pretty. 

 ^^^ all from Huntington beach! pretty huh? called for some amazing pictures. that's for sure.^^^

^^^ and these are from the 2 beaches in Santa Barbara! chilly, but so so fun.^^^

i love this family of mine so much. we had the best laughs and memories on this trip! it was such a perfect get-away right before i leave them for 18 months. we know this might never happen again, so we took full advantage. and that is why it was THE BEST WEEK EVER. i miss it already. 

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