Monday, April 28, 2014

the happiest place on earth

well, im back! back from my favorite place in the whole wide world. after a 2 hour detour and 15 hour drive we made it home. the fam and i had such an awesome time together and we cherished every single minute we had! (seriously though... we did. open to close everyday my friends!)

if anyone knows my family... they know we don't mess around when it comes to Disneyland. we go hardcore! we did 4 days hopping from park to park... running for fast passes (like... FAR) iphone apps telling us the shortest lines, magic morning early birds.... we do it all. we make use of all the time we have in Disneyland! also, at the end of the day (when our feet are about to fall off...) we like to count up all the rides we rode that day! we used to hit some pretty high numbers when we would have to split up (little kids riding littler rides) but now, since quince is old enough we rode everything all together (she rode Screamin for her first time! little cutie!)

monday - 23 rides / tuesday - 35 rides / wednesday - 20 rides / thursday - 27 rides

it was the greatest trip in the world. and here are a million and 1 pictures to prove it :)

if you can't tell by the pictures....we LOVE DISNEYLAND. it was the best little get-away right after i finished finals. being with my family is my favorite thing... then being at our favorite place too??? what could be better! the only thing i thought of was having TYLER there too. he was missed. by me and my fam. (mostly me......) and mickey + minnie are just asking for us to come back in about 2 years!

i love you Disneyland! until next time!


  1. Hey..great pictures, this looks awesome :)

  2. Where did you get all your darling t-shirts to wear everyday at Disneyland? They are all so cute!!

    1. thanks so much! the polka dot one with mickey is from Cotton On, and the black one with the mickeys is from H&M! i also have some just from the Disney store :)