Tuesday, April 1, 2014

my family >>>

i have come to realize how grateful i am for these people in my life. i have spent a lot of time with them this past weekend... and it has been awesome. i love them more than anything, and even though i still have a little over 2 months until i leave on my mission, i cherish every single minute that i have with them. so much will happen to every one of my siblings while i am gone (18 months is short, yet long at the same time. most of these guys will be 2 years older because of birthday times! which is pretty crazy if you ask me.) and i while i am sad i will miss a lot (Mia graduating high school, Caleb, Marcus, and Kylie gaining TWO school years on me, and Quince getting baptized) i know a mission is where i am supposed to be. Canada is calling my name. and i seriously can't wait. my fam means the world to me though, and i will miss them greatly. (more than they know!) especially my parents. who have blessed my life so much i can't even begin to describe to them how grateful i am for them. but, i'm super happy we have a last vacation to our favorite place before i go :) (in 20 days kids!) anyways, we looovveeee each other. can you tell? if any of you know my family... ya know what i mean. they're the best. i wouldn't trade them for anything. do ya hear that fam? I LOVE YOU.


  1. You probably don't remember me but I sad next to you at Aubrey's mission call opening. I was the crazy fangirling about being in your presence. Haha. But I think you are the cutest thing. I love how positive you are on your blog. You have a beautiful family.

    1. course i remember you, silly! you are so sweet :) thanks for makin my day pretty girl!