Wednesday, April 2, 2014

currently craving

as i am getting ready to head to Disneyland soon, and just discovered i will be heading down to st. george this weekend, there are several things on my eye. and while i'm a still a poor college student (ha.. ha...haaaa) a girl can dream right? hoping to get a few things before some fun vacations! shop my favvvssss. 

happy wednesday! my busiest day of the week. hoping i can make it through this one. and i'm so busy i could just SCREAM. the homework pile just never seems to end! it's piled high at this point. but we're on the home stretch of school days here kids. hallelujah. 


  1. YES to those sunglasses! Maybe a light cardigan too, So Cal has been slightly chilly/windy for some reason! Also, I go to Disneyland every week (totally normal haha) biggest tip, get either a Space Mountain or Thunder Mountain fast pass first thing in the morning because a lot of the other bigger rides are closed for refurbishment and these 2 get busy QUICK once people realize!

    1. SO cute i just want everything. okay that is good to know! thanks so much :)

  2. Never doubt the reach your words can have on others in the world. Who would have though a very educated, atheist, feminist woman would be so impacted by mormon mom blogs. Don't be afraid to share your beliefs and make it clear where you stand. You never know who is watching. :) Hasten The Work. Tell the World how great it is to be a Mormon girl.