Wednesday, April 9, 2014

st. george babbyyy

i am so sunburned i can't move. i'm serious. it's bad! i didn't even sleep last night because i am so burned on BOTH sides. yikes. i guess 8 hours of laying out was not the best idea when my bod hasn't seen the sun since August! hahahaaaa.... worth it. but boy did i love st. george. and the fact that it was conference weekend made it all the better! it was sooooooo nice *80+ degrees nice my friends!* and having the break from school was seriously so great.

^^^ pre-sunburn. hello white skin! and hello perfect park dayyyyy! ^^^

^^^ a great way to end conference sunday. ^^^

 ^^^ 8 hours. me + nan + our books + the sun. and surprisingly i put on sunscreen. okay so it was tanning oil with 8 SPF.... my body is now paying the price. still worth it! ^^^

 ^^^ speaking of reading. yes, this is what i read. and i finished it in 3 days. SHE IS SO AMAZING. i am totally in love. her story inspired me so much and i have so much respect for Elizabeth. love love loved it. i seriously couldn't even put it down! i suggest everyone reads this book. ^^^

 ^^^ takin a nice little walk and finding a dead lizard. nice little adventure with my sibs. another pre red face pic guys... pre red face! haha oh if you could see it after the days of sun. ^^^

^^^ trip to the temple! so white it amazes me every time. i love it though. there is something about a temple + palm trees that just makes it SO pretty. gets me every time ^^^

 ^^^ on the shuttle to our hike! yesterday we went to Zions for the day... and it was SO SICK. ^^^

^^^ we hiked Angels Landing. basically a MASSIVE 5,000 foot high mountain. just check out that view man! it was crazy high and pictures don't do is justice. when we were at the bottom... i thought noooo way that's the cliff we are getting on top of. sure enough. 2 hours later... on the top! not gonna lie... it was SO HARD. towards the top it gets so sketchy you have to hold on to a chain.... which you pull yourself up the mountain with. crazy, i know! but so worth it :) ^^^

and now i am home. Briana, Dad and i have work/school *blech. wish i could be there still!* so we drove back late last night. skipping a few days of school to be there in the sunshine with my fam was so worth it, even if i am a walking lobster! st. george, you were the best. you really always are. 

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