Saturday, April 5, 2014

hi from geezy! excuse me while i enjoy every minute

hi hi! sorry i have been M.I.A... been finishing up homework and packing to head to st. george. we came down today and have enjoyed every minute since! been watching General Conference, (i. love. conference.) and just purely relaxing. briana and i are only here until tuesday, so we're loving any sunshine we can soak up! luckily the weather is supposed to be beautiful while we're here. crossing my fingers for a good solid sunburn TAN.

^^^ selfie status. cool shadow hand... i know, i know ^^^

^^^ we like playing game boy. mario to be specific. hehe sue us! ^^^

 ^^^ of course Elder Holland does it again and comes in with an AWESOME talk in the first 20 minutes of conference. love him! also, this man... Uchtdorf. love all of our Quorum of the 12. the talks were amazing today. can't wait for tomorrow! ^^^

 ^^^ IT'S BACK MY FRIENDS. i love watermelon season ^^^

 ^^^ kissy faces with miss quince. ^^^

^^^ okayyyyy best movies ever. the newest and greatest my friends! my fav = saving mr. banks. preppin me for DISNEY baby. ^^^

^^^ and another. cause when you take 1 selfie you take a million selfies. ^^^

 ^^^ our own personal gym? OKAY HI. killin it! double work out yes please. ^^^

 ^^^ we don't know... HAHA^^^

^^^ for after the workouts. duh. and conference snacks. *don't forget the muddy buddies* #2 reason i work out is so i can eat desserts. cause they're my favorite thing ever. i mean sure #1 is to feel good and be in shape... (preppin for the mish.) but desserts come in for a close second ;) ^^^

anyways... gonna enjoy every second here and get as dark as possible... (we'll see how this works out.) so be back soon! have a fabulous conference weekend ma friends! i know i will. loves!

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