Sunday, May 25, 2014

my 19th birthday!

my 19th birthday was definitely one i wont forget! i had so much fun with my family and friends, and so many people just spoiled me to pieces. including my boy Tyler, who sent me this massive package all the way from AZ (hahahh... ha.. not that far:) it was filled with so much goodness and it just made my already wonderful day.... PERFECT.

my day started off with some yummy breakfast with Hanni at our new favorite place, Aubergine &company! it is so yum, and i got to experience my first Acai bowl. so so good! and those green smoothies? straight fruit with a little spinach. (hence why it turned it all green haha!) but oh so delicious!

 me and my girl Mia went to the gym together (my favorite person to go with! haha we have so much fun there.) then got ourselves ready and headed to a nice little salon in Provo where we were pampered with a nice pedicure and manicure. PURE HEAVEN.

we went to dinner with the fam at one of my favorite restaurants.... Bangkok Thai. i looovveeee Thai food! it was so so yummy and we even just kept the eating going by heading to Hokulia for our first snowies of the season! YAY for the best summer treat ever!!! 

after much anticipation i finally got to open my package from T-money.... and boy did he spoil me. he treats me like a princess and makes my birthday so amazing even when serving his mission. i didn't even expect much and boy was i surprised! he must really love me to make me feel so special. 

one of my favorite things he got me was this little frame he made. it's so perfect i could cry! wait... i did. 

he knows me too well and everything he got me made me so so happy. cute little minnie mouse shirt.... & check out this cutie, Squirt! #1 disney fans for life my friends.

not to mention the videos + cd's he gave me. gahhhhhh, yes. you could definitely say i love him :)

i opened presents with my fam after... i made my mom & dad promise me they wouldn't spend a lot on me because i am leaving so soon and honestly don't need anything! + a mission already costs enough... haha. they know how to make me the happiest and my mom took forever on making me a cute little mission calender. the cutest! (and please appreciate the red snow cone tounge....)

+ lots of last minute mission things i needed... and cute crafts from my cute sissy quincey. 

 ^^^ man i love them. gonna miss them like crazy. ^^^

i felt so blessed yesterday. also have to give a little shoutout to the peery fam! tyler's parents gave me a brand new camera for my mission/birthday. they are the greatest and i am going to be SO SO happy i have that nice little wifi camera in about a month!

thanks to everyone who made my 19th so great. here's to my last year as a teenager, and finally being old enough to serve an LDS mission! eeeeek!

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  1. Hi..keena i wish a happy belated birthday :)