Thursday, May 22, 2014

its the good life

 ^^^ a few pictures from my farewell on sunday! i love my siblings. ^^^

^^^ temple with Meggie! we decided to do a session together on Saturday... and i am so happy we did because she is now in the MTC getting ready for Hungary! gahhhhh time is flying! ^^^

^^^ hike with my girl hanni franni!!!! we hiked stewart falls today and had the bestest time together. plus we had yum food after at a new restaurant called Aubergine &company. sooooo good!^^^

^^^ a trip to Yogurtland with Quince, Ky, and Aydels. love me some fro-yo! yogurt > ice cream. nonfat sorbet baby. with raspberries? yessssss please! and after this.... it was an afternoon in the park chasing ducks. the funnest! ^^^

having the greatest time with my family and friends before i leave for my mish! also i got a real nice tan/sunburn yesterday. so you could definitely say life is gooooooood. xx.


  1. I meant to ask you Sunday, but we had to leave early... Where'd you get your black flower dress and your blue one with the 3/4 length sleeves??

    1. yes i never got to give you guys a hug and say thank you for coming....!! the blueish grey one is from H&M, and the black flower one is from

  2. Love the pics! Man you and Hannah really do look like sisters. You guys could play some good jokes on people at the MTC :)

  3. Replies
    1. ahhhhhh i know you too! 12 days.... eek!

  4. I have that cute dress you wore to your farewell :) SISTER MISSIONARY TWINS? haha jk. you're adorable and will be such a cute sister!