Tuesday, May 20, 2014

on my mind

making: a workout book for my mission! and i know im gonna be real grateful for it. also an address/birthday book!
drinking: water. like crazy. being as healthy as i can be 24/7 before i can't make as many "choices" as i can now
reading: do not attempt in heels: mission stories & advice from sister missionaries who have been there. it's gets me so excited!
wanting: to relive last summer. i would give anything! also wanting a hug. from tyler of course.
looking: forward to heading on my adventure to canada!
playing: with my siblings. spending quality time with them because i know how much i'll miss it
wasting: time looking through "my book of letters" or, my tyler book
wishing: i could go to a warm, deserted island RIGHT NOW with my sexy boy
enjoying: fresh fruit. HELLO my favorite thing ever
waiting: to learn Spanish....... in 15 days! eeeek!
liking: the fact that my birthday is this Saturday... and there is a package on it's way from AZ :)
wondering: how i will even get myself to say the words goodbye to the people i love
loving: my new mission wardrobe. booooo-yah!
hoping: to go to all my favorite restaurants before i leave
marveling: at how amazing the gospel is and how grateful for it i have become
needing: more room in my suitcases..... hahaha of course
smelling: my moms cooking. man am i gonna miss it
wearing: scrubs. because it takes me a few good hours to change out after work :)
noticing: a stronger and healthier body. thank you golds gym and warm running weather! 
knowing: these next 18 months will be the hardest but also the most rewarding. i plan to make the best of them
thinking: about the future
feeling: blessed. extremely blessed. i feel blessed to be given so much.
opening: my tyler babes letters. i love him. and his letters!
giggling: because i got the voice recorder yesterday with T-money's voice on it & i've never been so happy!
feeling: grateful for a beautiful life


  1. k this is adorable!!

    such a cute idea

  2. I'm reading Do Not Attempt In Heels too!! ugh and I want your mission clothes

  3. Oh this is too cute! Also, your workout thing...I need to get on that train ASAP. Haha. I have been so beyond lazy lately ;(

    1. thank you :) since i wont be able to go to the gym everyday anymore... thought a little workout book might be a good idea!

  4. I love that your link on the side says "Why am I so Happy?" That is so perfect.