Sunday, June 15, 2014

Week 1

hi family and friends!!! :)

so i have been in the MTC now for a week and i can not even tell you how great it is!! today is thursday and our first p day. (my pday is every thursday ps) wow i dont even know where to start with my week!! 

so first of all my suitcase is definitely broken... the wheel wont go back on. gonna have to deal with that when i am about to leave! i got my badge on wednesday and it was made official :) (sister gilbert did it!) and we were immediately in class in like 15 minutes with nothing but espanol hahaha which was crazy at first but it helps me a LOT. everything is kinda a blur from the first night cause everyday is pretty similar... but we did meet our zone and district! my companion! she is so great :) her name is Hermana Frodsham and we get along super well! we have 2 other girls in our district/apartment/class who are going to Argentina and we pretty much spend 24/7 together! we have so much fun together :) we are all in our classroom all day long learning Spanish and how to teach which is sometimes LONNNGG but we love it and we LOVE our teachers!!!! 

we taught our first investigator the friday after we got in there (SO SOON!) and it had to be in straight espanol which was crazy hahhaa i think our investigator Patricio was like who the heck are these Hermanas... get them outta here and teach them Spanish before they teach me haha. but he is a member and so his eternal salvation is not on the line :) its just so we can practice! we teach him everyday and sometimes it is crazy hard but when we can speak in Spanish from our hearts... thats when we feel the spirit. they have all been okay lessons until Tuesday.... tuesday was the hardest because he kept asking questions that we didnt know how to answer in Spanish. its pretty frustrating when you want to tell him so much about the Gospel but dont know any of the words in Spanish to say it :( BUT. our teacher walked in on us crying and discouraged and shared an awesome scripture with us (2 cor. 12:9-10) THEN we went to devotional that night and in walks Quentin L Cook!!!! and he gave the most AMAZING talk ever. i felt like he was directly talking to me... me and Hermana Frodsham couldn't even believe what we were hearing because it applied to us so much. SO SO cool. also we sang in the choir on tuesday. DAD! brother Eggett is the director and i said hi to him! also i saw brother Maag one day hahaha

sooo Sundays devotional (this email is all over the place.... hahah) was also pretty great... and after we got to listen to the talk given by Elder Bednar called CHARACTER OF CHRIST. it was hands down one of the very best talks i have ever heard. i suggest everyone reads/listens to it!!! okay funny story for you. so our teachers can't speak English and there is only Spanish in the classroom. so sometimes it takes a LOT of guessing until we can finally know what they are saying! one day Hermano Humbertt kept saying "usted es aburrido??" and we just kept saying... you want a burrito? haha you FEEL like a burrito? SO funny cause aburrido in Spanish means bored. haha we definitely laugh a lot in class.... :):):):)

the MTC is so great and i love it so much!! the spirit is strong and i have already learned a TON of Spanish and every day i just can't wait to learn more. we speak lots of Spanish all day which is very helpful to learn the language! i have definitely become more humble and have been learning how to work with the spirit. also since i am at West Campus it is very different but i love it :) i am surviving and safe and i love and miss you all! also thank you soooooo soooo much for the packages. those are seriously like GOLD while in the MTC hahaha there is nothing better :) i have loved your letters and you should send me some pictures :) ( i hope you are getting mine!) i am off to the temple!! then to learn more espanol :) 

love you all!! xoxoxoxo

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  1. I've been waiting for this update! Sounds like you're having an amazing time there! Spanish is definitely a funny language. I went to a meeting and everyone was speaking in Spanish....It was...overwhelming but good! Everything clicks and you won't be thinking about burritos when you hear 'aburrido' ;)