Saturday, June 21, 2014

week 2

HOLA family & friends!

this week was so awesome and i am beginning to love being a missionary more and more every single day!! being in the MTC is super fun, i especially love being at West Campus. i have met so many friends and i love everyone here! we got 6 new elders this week (all going to Argentina... just like everyone else at West Campus;) so our zone is growing, but half of them are leaving Monday! sad i love them!

so for Pday last week we went to the temple and it was so awesome! i love the temple :) we are going again today too, yay! i am loving class still, i love learning and we LOVE our teachers. we have 2, and we also teach them (they act as our investigators... and it is actually wayyyyyyy real!) Hermano Croft is so funny and awesome, hahaha but we giggle a lot in class so he makes us go outside and run, do wall sits and jumping jacks... haha! also he makes us speak a LOT of espanol. no english in the classroom! but he also says we talk like cave women because we forget to conjugate our verbs.... hahaha. they really help me to work hard and learn a LOT so i love them for it :)

we also started TRC, which is awesome. we taught 2 members and the spirit was so strong in there it was amazing! it's hard to teach in espanol when you want to say something so bad in english but don't know the words, but the spirit guides us and helps us constantly. i definitely couldn't be a missionary without the Holy Ghost and i am coming to realize that more and more and rely on the spirit 24/7! because it's the spirit teaching the people, not us. 

sunday we had 6 sets of mission presidents come visit us! (my 2 hermanas pres. + wife came) all mission presidents going to south america! they only spoke spanish pretty much so it really made us speak all day :) oh also, funny random story.... haha mom this one is for you. did laundry last week on Pday and turned some of my garments pink.... HAHA #rookiemistake

tuesday was devotional (we LOVE devotionals!) and you will never believe this... ELDER BALLARD SPOKE!!!! i was freaking out and the entire time i just wanted to jump up from the crowd and scream... "I KNOW YOU! haha and you sat at my dinner table right by me!!!! and i am going to your MISSION!!!!!" it was so amazing and me and my comp Hermana Frodsham were literally freaking out. we couldn't even believe he was there... what are the odds? his talk was amazing and we couldn't stop taking notes. he talked about how we should always remember that the first presidency + quorum of the 12 will NEVER lead us astray, and of course a LOT on missionary work. (mia his wife was there too and i just wanted to go hug her again!) the quorum of the 12 + first presidency are here for like 2 or 3 weeks for the new mission presidents training (thats why we got 2 apostles in a row! first Elder Quinten L Cook, then Ballard!) so we are hoping for 3 in a row??? fingers crossed :) 

funny story from this week, me and my comp went into the Elders room next to us (the Elders in our district) to get a pamphlet for our lesson and i saw this way cool scripture pencil and started playing with it. in a matter of seconds i heard a bunch of crackling and i had broken ALL the led in it!!!! i was freaking out and my comp was laughing her head off hahahaha i went to buy him a new one and it was $20!!!!! oh my heck.... still can't stop laughing about it :)

we have begun to teach lessons without ANY spanish notes, which is really nice and helps us to actually feel the spirit because we can look them in the eyes and just speak from our hearts. spanish is pretty hard (just cause it's a whole new language!) and i am constantly praying for el don de lenguas (the gift of tongues) but i love it here and i love learning so so much!

thank you family for so many packages, they are the best thing ever! seriously gold. also i have to give a shoutout to my boy Tyler who loves me enough to send me SO MUCH mail while in the MTC. also the voice recorder. wow i love him. and miss him like crazy.

i love the MTC, i love my comp and Hermanas, and i LOVE the gospel! it is true and i just want to tell EVERYONE so they can experience the happiness that i do. just gotta master my spanish first ;) thank you for all your prayers, i love you all so much.


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  1. keena is so dang cute!! tell her i love her and can't wait to see her!!!!:)