Friday, July 11, 2014

week 5


crazy to think in 3 days i leave for Canada, my time has really flown at the MTC! my Spanish is nowhere near perfect, or even somewhat fluent, but i am more than ready to enter the field. when i know i have the Lord by my side always, i have nothing to worry about :) this week was great! we were happy about the 4th here in the MTC, because we got to see all the hot air balloons (my fav!) and later we were able to watch the fireworks. they also had us watch the movie 17 Miracles. and after watching that i told myself to never complain about cafeteria food again... hahaha really though. they gave up so much to do anything to serve the Lord. we are blessed. 

we were able to have another member of the Quorum of the 12 speak to us again Tuesday :) that makes 4! we feel pretty lucky knowing this has never happened at the MTC for a LONG time. we heard from Elder Neil L. Andersen. he spoke on the influence of the Holy Ghost and how to heed it's promptings. the Spirit filled the room as he spoke. he shared amazing thoughts with us, but one of my favorite parts was when he testified. i realized that night what an amazing opportunity i have to be a representative of Jesus Christ. i can't wait to invite as many people as i can to come unto Him :) i realized how real the Holy Ghost is, and how much i rely on it. this week i have also become VERY grateful for the Book of Mormon. i just all around really love this Gospel. can you tell im excited to share it?

story for you... when apostles come, they broadcast the devotional to all the other MTC's in the world. as we were singing in the choir, the camera came RIGHT up on my face, and while we can't look at the camera (haha cause that would be weird) i saw it in my peripheral vision and it took everything i had not to look up at myself. keen's face went global! also, we have become really really close with everyone in our zone. having 18 Elders makes for a real good time :) we play kickball and 4 square together and i am actually really sad about having to say goodbye to all of them. they call us the "Her-mamas" haha too great.

we have made good use of all our time left here in the MTC. we are learning lots and trying to take in as much Spanish as possible. i will miss our teachers so much :( they are the greatest. our lessons are becoming better, as i rely on the Spirit while teaching i find i don't even have to worry about what to say next. it's pretty amazing. Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. as Hermanas, we sang "A Child's Prayer". it was pretty cool :) also pretty cool to have everyone bear testimony in Espanol. very great day.

funny moment of the week. teaching a lesson with our real investigator Mercedes (we are done teaching her now since we are leaving :( sad about it.) and after learning lots about Jospeh Smith she says "so is he like a Saint for you guys?" (she is Catholic) we go on to tell her about how we don't really call him that and how we don't really use that word in our church "oh so you don't have Saints in your church?" "noooo we don't really use that word." "oh okay, well just wondering cause your tags say "Latter Day Saints"." hahahaha me and my comp were DYING inside!!! "uhhhhh yeah umm we're ALL saints!" she was so confused and it was even funnier hearing it in Spanish. 

little shout out to my man Tyler who is killin it with his hard work in the mission field down in AZ. such an example to me, he has had so many miracles its amazing. the church is true :) i know it! i know Heavenly Father is watching over me, and i know my Savior is with me every step of the way. i feel so lucky to be a missionary in the hands of the Lord. im headed to Toronto in a matter of hours... we got our travel plans and couldn't be more excited.

thanks for all the love and support! 
xoxo, love Hermana Horton

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