Saturday, July 5, 2014

week 4


days are flying, its starting to freak me out hahhaa. and they just sorta blur together! this week was great though! i am learning lots still and trying to perfect my Spanish and how to teach really well. its a roller coaster but i am loving it :) its actually pretty fun to have 18 elders in our zone and just us 4 sisters. we all got new classrooms this week and celebrated birthdays. the MTC is SO great! pretty tiring, but i love it :)

couple great things that happened this week, one day me and my companion were teaching our TRC investigator Mercedes, she is a real real investigator (in the MTC we get a few of those + teaching our teachers as investigators) and so when teaching her we really want to do well. anyways, when teaching her she mentioned she really wants to know more about Joseph Smith and his family. okay welllll golden question! we watched part of the Joseph Smith movie with her and she loved it :) she thought it was so sad and loved how much faith Joseph had in God even though his life was really hard. she finished the movie and is progressing! made me so happy :) (plus she is patient with our espanol hahaha)

we also had our first "contacting appointments" this week. we walk around campus and find investigators to teach and set up appointments! practicing tracting :) its great! and our appointment to teach this cute Guatemalan couple is tomorrow. me and my companion also got the experience of being the example missionaries at the "how to teach" night for the 100 new missionaries. that was a really cool experience! except we taught in English... haha that felt so weird! we felt pretty happy about it though that we got to be the demonstrators :) 

for Tuesday devotional this week... first time with no member of the 12, but we heard from Stephen M. Allen, former 70! and i had my prayers answered about how to be more focused and converted unto the Lord, so definitely an awesome night. his talk really spoke to me, and i couldn't stop crying. he spoke on being a converted missionary, and as a former mission presidents in 2 missions, we got to hear a lot of stories and it was pretty awesome! i love the spirit :) and i love devotionals. gonna miss them when we leave!

as far as Spanish goes, its coming! sorta haha we are slowly getting better and better. we try our hardest to speak as much as we can all day so it helps us learn. i didn't realize learning how to be a missionary AND learning a whole new language could be so hard. who knew there were so many details in how to TEACH a lesson???? holy! it really is crazy. gotta listen to the spirit, listen to the investigator, try not to think too hard about what to say, gotta respond... but first gotta translate into Spanish, then don't forget to ask questions and apply! haha i had no idea but its so amazing to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord. 

oh, and we hit 1 month, crazy! we get to watch the fireworks tomorrow and we are pretty excited :) i was really happy to hear about Tyler's success this week. he is working hard in AZ and i am so proud of him. he is definitely being blessed :) my fam is lovin summer and they love me enough to send me my favorite things while in the MTC... i love you guys. life is good! i love the work and i love being a missionary :) the church is true!!!



  1. What kind of camera did she bring on her mission? The quality is really good!

  2. It's a samsung that connects to wi-fi. When she takes pictures they are automatically emailed to select people every time you are connected to wi-fi. Love it!

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