Monday, August 11, 2014

week 9

had another great week here in Toronto! i am growing to love it more and more everyday :) this week i went on my first exchange. i went with another companion, Sister Stoddard for 24 hours to a new area. we had a lot of fun together and i learned so much from her! i learned how important it is to put everything on the alter of sacrifice and become a consecrated missionary. it really helped me a lot, and i am willing to give the Lords work everything i have! i am not here for me, i am here to serve Him. i am here to bring His children the truth. after being away from my comp for even 10 minutes i realized how much i LOVE her. hahaha i missed her so much! i was happy to be with her and in our area again :) i was in a car area for that 24 hours and speaking/teaching in English too. while it was great, i found how much i missed where i am supposed to be, and speaking the language i have been called to speak! even when i don't always understand the lessons, i love teaching in Spanish :) oh! also on exchanges i got to teach ESL. we teach english in our mission and use that as a finding tool :) it was awesome!
we have been blessed to find a lot of new investigators this week. not all of them are progressing but we are happy they have been placed in our path :) yesterday right before church we decided to just call a bunch of people and invite them to come! we called this one random number, Raul. he was like... okay! and he came for his first time and even stayed for a baptism after. it was so awesome, and i know he felt the spirit so strong because i could feel it right there with him :)  we are also still teaching Simon who has such a desire to change & follow Christ, it's amazing. i love testifying to him of the truthfulness of this Gospel. our investigators Ofelia/Betty (the ones who fell at church... Betty broke her hand! yikes.) were also blessed this week with a TON of food/furniture from a neighbor who was moving. they came to Canada from Mexico with literally nothing, and now they have more food then us.... hahaha its amazing though. they have so much faith! and faith works miracles. they are being baptized Aug. 24 :)
our mission president has reminded us that as missionaries, we need to think of our own conversion too. the Lord is converting us just as much as He is converting the people we are teaching. i think that idea is amazing, and i want to really challenge myself as a missionary. i want to become as Christlike as i can be, completely converted unto the Lord. an awesome quote from President Uchtdorf i read this week, "as we emulate His perfect example, our hands can become His hands. our eyes, His eyes. and our heart, His heart. follow the light that the Savior provides." i really want the people i teach & talk to, to feel the Saviors love. and feel as if the Savior is speaking to them. i want so badly for people to come unto Jesus Christ and realize His Gospel has been restored on the earth today!
few funny moments of the week: Hermana Dudley fell in the subway station.... hahah TWICE. i died!!! we also got off the subway like 6 stops late the other day cause we were talking to so many people.... haha #missionaryprobs. saw 50 lost cat signs of course (they are literally everywhere here? uhhhh what?) saw a couple men pantsless and about 100 men hit on us. it's a good life :)  
i love being a missionary!!!!! the church is true :) Heavenly Father loves you.
xoxo, Hermana Horton

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