Tuesday, August 19, 2014

week 10

HOLA! what an awesome week! wow, i can't even believe how much we have seen the hand of the Lord in our missionary work this week. He works in miraculous ways. what a blessing it has been! my testimony has really grown so much already as a missionary. i've noticed it a lot this week when in street/bus contacting, people deny the Mormons or what we believe. i am able to stand up for what i believe and testify of what i know to be true! we have been a little slow to find new investigators, but we have faith the Lord is preparing people to place in our path :) we're sure to talk to everyone so we can find them!
-- we had some awesome spiritual lessons with our investigator Simon this week... he has accepted a baptismal date for Sep. 14 and agreed to a smoking stop date as well! he is diving into the scriptures lately and it is so cool to watch :) im excited for him.
-- had the opportunity to do some service for an Indian man this week (who ended up being a millionaire....???? so cool!) who hurt his back and can't clean his yard. the weeds were huge and it was actually way fun haha
-- had a great FHE thursday night with some investigators/members/kids. we taught L3, the gospel :) i love my ward!
-- had lots of lessons with Ofelia & Betty this week. Ofelia is getting baptized this sunday!!! i am so excited for her! Betty will too as soon as her broken wrist is healed :) they are so ready to be baptized. every time we start to teach them something they're like "oh we've been keeping that commandment for years!!!" haha they are awesome.
-- taught our new investigator Raul... everything about the gospel made so much sense to him it was so cool! "oh yeah of course... we definitely need 2 books to testify of Jesus Christ!" "so the authority was lost... is it back now?" *taught the Restoration* "wow that makes so much sense. so we have a prophet now?" an awesome lesson, and one i felt like i was able to teach really well
-- had the miracle of groceries this week. a stranger approached me and my comp late one night with a trunk full of groceries (he got my address from my mom... FB connection) i cried and cried.... God is REAL. and he watches out for His missionaries :)
it's amazing how my spanish is coming along. i can never translate everything that the people say in spanish, but somehow, i know exactly what they are talking about. the Holy Ghost places the knowledge in my head and i am able to teach/testify/answer questions! the gift of tounges is so REAL. and while i am not perfect yet, it's definitely coming along :) i am loving this work so much, i love being a mouthpiece for my Savior Jesus Christ. i am trying my hardest to develop and perfect Christlike attributes each and everyday. the church is true and i love spreading it here in Toronto! and hey... never forget that we are all in this together.... all you members at home... help the missionaries! we are all missionaries :)
Heavenly Father has a plan for each and every one of us. He loves us! He guides this work :) thanks for all the love and support. i feel so blessed to be a misisonary!


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