Monday, September 8, 2014

week 13

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what an awesome week. we have worked really really hard and it is starting to really pay off. lots of service this week, especially for our awesome ward. good news! Ofelia was able to make it to church so she was finally confirmed :) Betty (her daughter) was there too of course, and actually as of now, we aren't really sure if she needs to be baptized. she has a little bit of a disability, and anyways... that's still being figured out!

Simon is AWESOME. and even though he has chosen to go to the English ward and be baptized there, we got permission to continue teaching him!!! YAY!! we are so happy about it :) yesterday was his smoking quit date, and it was a long first day for him... luckily he came to all 3 hours of both the English + Spanish ward just to be at the church instead of anywhere else wanting a cigarette. we are praying so hard for him... after 25 years of smoking i have faith he can quit forever! he has already quit drinking and has been clean for 5 months... i know he can do this too!
this week was my first Zone training. it was awesome and our whole Zone is really pumped up about the fact that the "Book of Mormon" play is starting in Toronto soon. for those that don't know... this play was made by "South Park" not by the church, and is definitely very offensive to everything we believe! but hey... guess what we are going to stand out at the entrance and pass out Book of Mormons and talk to everyone :) it's gonna be awesome! #perksofmymission  #bestmissionever Sam Reeves is in my Zone. that was so fun to see her! someone from home. also i got a sweeeeet package from T$ and some packages from my mom/family. plus some letters from the Peerys + my cousins. so much love! i feel so blessed.
the work is on fire here! we are constantly on the hunt to find more and more and more spanish people to teach. we did find a new investigator who we put on for a baptismal date named Fanny :) actually funny story... Ofelia found her! shes converting people already haha. Fanny is on date for the end of Sep. but it just wouldn't be normal here without something crazy happening to Hermana Horton + Hermana Dudley. today... we found BED BUGS. surprise! after several days of some weird rash, we did find the actual bugs. always an adventure but we're never gonna let Satan get to us!
i love this Gospel. its amazing how blessed we are because of it. i feel myself continually growing closer to my Savior Jesus Christ. im grateful for so much, especially for the opportunity to serve Him.
xoxo Hermana Horton

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