Tuesday, September 2, 2014

week 12

what a week! definitely a weird and unusual one. my comp was bitten by a spider (or something?) and it got WAY swollen, huge, and red. she got a fever too so we have spent a lot of time inside since she can't walk at all! we also had to make a trip to the doctor (she has medicine now!)... and the dentist since my retainer broke. (also i have a massive 911 cavity. greeaaaat!) ALSO we got stuck in an elevator and Ofelia didn't show up to her confirmation on Sunday. yeahhhhh its been quite the week. luckily we haven't lost our faith, we have found ways to be effective and productive inside, and we also went on splits for a little so i could go to some appointments we had with our investigators. Satan is really attacking our work though, and thats because our area is on fire! and he knows it! but the Lord does too and he has blessed us with small and simple miracles that have really made us work hard :) this whole week has been a really humbling experience because there was one particular night where i remember thinking a lot about myself and how i felt..... and it was that next morning that Hermana Dudley had the bite and when everything started. i wanted to just serve and serve and serve her. literally RIGHT as i was thinking of myself i realized i just needed to serve her. and that's what really made me happy was helping her! so humbling. i've been praying to develop Christlike attributes stronger and i know the Lord is answering my prayers. i am grateful for the opportunity to grow so much as a missionary.

so yeah, Ofelia didn't show up to her confirmation on Sunday, some miscommunication with a member and their phone was broken too. (see what i mean about Satan in this work.....) luckily she is still stronger than ever and we are planning on this Sunday! Betty, her daughter, has a follow up about her hand soon then she will have a baptismal date as well. our investigator Simon is still so awesome, we had a great lesson with him this week! we are sad because we might have to turn him over to English missionaries/ward soon :( it just breaks my heart. i wish we could continue teaching him but he gets more from English and since our lessons are usually Spang-lish... we told him he should pray about switching. man it makes me sad since he is progressing so much and we have been teaching him since day 1 but i know God's plan is more important than mine and we want what is best for him!
we have been blessed with finding a lot of new people to teach, now its just figuring out who is really prepared! sadly we have had to cancel a lot of appointments scheduled because of foot probs but we just remember that everything happens for a reason! God will bless us as missionaries as long as we are exactly obedient. i have really been learning so much this week about our loving Heavenly Father and how much he plays a part in this work. we have had a lot of study time too and i have such a big LOVE for the scriptures! i just want to read them all day long. we can learn so much from the Book of Mormon. i know it is true. i want everyone to read it:) me + Hermana Dudley have also been blessed with the opportunity to teach ESL every Tuesday and Saturday! we offer free English here as a service, and use it as a finding tool. we teach the class A and it is so fun!
its been 3 months now which is pretty crazy.... i have loved every minute of it! i love being a missionary. i love my Savior Jesus Christ. i love the scriptures... i love this Gospel! i know its true:)

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