Tuesday, October 7, 2014

week 17

wow, what a blessing it was to have general conference this weekend. i could go on and on about how much i loved it, and how many of my prayers were answered. the prophets and apostles truly are called of God, the things they say really are direct revelation! i felt that so much. conference is literally Christmas as a missionary :) haha i couldn't even write my notes fast enough. one of my very favorite talks was Elder Hollands, wow how humbled it made me. it made me want to completely turn my will to God's will, and serve Him and ALL of His children who are in need. also Elder Klebingat of the 70 gave an AMAZING talk that really was an answer to my prayers on how to be a more perfected disciple of Jesus Christ. He really is my Master! and i want to do everything i can to become more like Him. to make HIM, the center of my life. His Atonement has more power than we can even imagine. this mission is changing me ️ but i am so grateful for it every single day. this week was such a blessing, last night was transfer calls, but we didn't receive one, so we are staying as a trio in our area together for another 6 weeks! the Lord definitely knows we are KILLIN it together here in the city and wants us to work even harder and learn even more from each other. i am excited to be staying here because we have some awesome investigators right now and they are really starting to progress! oh... and my spanish is actually improving a lot! of course its hard because i am in Canada and not everyone speaks Spanish... but i try to speak as much as possible and its getting better everyday :) especially as we are trying to teach our new comp (i realized i know more than i thought!) its amazing being in a lesson and being guided by the spirit on what to say. oh, and yes, it is already getting cold here :) but i wouldn't want to be anywhere else of course! i love this gospel!!!
thank you for all the love and support :)

ps: birthday shout out to my boy T$ down in AZ who turns the big 20 this Saturday!!! i LOVE you elder peery :)

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