Tuesday, October 14, 2014

week 18

yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving! weird to celebrate it in October. haha but since there is so much culture here in Toronto, not everyone here even celebrates it. Spanish culture doesn't even really celebrate it much. but luckily, Andrione... an awesome member who comes teaching with us ALL the time and is an amazing cook, made us a turkey :) YUM! it really doesn't matter what day it is celebrated on, but yesterday i realized how grateful i am for SO much. i am blessed. blessed to be a member of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ, and blessed to be able to testify of Him and His Gospel every single day :) and blessed for being able to do it in an entire new language! i am thankful for my mission, for the way it is changing my life. i am grateful for my family and for their love and support. i am grateful for the endless love and support from Elder Peery, even from AZ. i am grateful for my amazing companions. i am grateful for the TEMPLE. i could go on for hours on how grateful i am for SO MUCH in my life.
im grateful for SIMON. who was confirmed a member of the church on Sunday. it was the biggest miracle. i am so happy for him and his confirmation blessing was life changing for him! Betty was confirmed as well on Sunday :) also we got to celebrate her 24th birthday this week! she is so cute. we had lessons every single day this week with the Basantes family. they are progressing so much! its hard, because Fernando (the dad, the man that ran up to me on the bus) and his wife Marta are progressing so much and are ready to get baptized... like tomorrow haha. but Steven is depressed and will take time. we have patience :)

i am so happy here, and while the days are crazy and exhausting and hard and long and sometimes freezing, i know God wants me here. i wouldn't want to be anywhere else. this week we got to have personal interviews with the President, he just looked at me and said... you're gonna be here for awhile. YESSSSS! haha it made me so happy! i love this area, i love being in the city. hopefully that revelation comes true :)
i love this gospel!
xoxo, Hermana Horton

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