Monday, December 1, 2014

week 25

hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving this past week! Canadians celebrate it the first week of October #weird... so it was actually awhile ago but I hope it was great! and a shout out to my bestie BRIANA who got engaged on Friday!!! while I want to cry every time I think about you getting married without me there, I am so happy for you :) congrats babe!

what a rollercoaster of a week!! lots of ups and downs. actually quite a few downs but hey, I'm keepin the faith here! we had a special Zone Conference this week by President. we were instructed on a TON of changes our mission is making on working more with our wards and with the members here since there are a LOT of less actives (70%) in our mission... in every ward! so sad. it was amazing though because I know that President Clayton received direct revelation from the Lord in knowing this is the direction the mission needs to go. we have already seen a few miracles abiding from it as our bishops wife invited us to bring the Castros (the part member family we have been working with) over for a FHE tonight! after the Zone Conference we actually went to the mall to get Flu shots.... haha BUT then they rewarded us because we finally got to see Meet the Mormons! which was incredible! I loved it so much. the stories were so touching and it made me so happy to have the Gospel in my life. what a blessing it is! and what a testimony builder it was eh? (I'm turning Canadian...)

we've had a few sad things happen this week, one happening with Fernando and his family. Andrione (a ward missionary who helps us a LOT) finally saw them outside their apartment and after they tried to run away he talked to them.... then last night we finally got a call from them saying they need time and space and they are going through a lot right now. I want to help them SO BAD!!!!! Godly sorrow is real. I love that family so much and I am praying so hard that everything works out. especially since I know how badly they need the Gospel right now.

more news would be that our recent converts Ofelia and Betty had to move back to Mexico yesterday :( we had to say goodbye to them... it was so sad! I will miss them so much. Hermana Dudley and I gave them our Canada hats. I can't wait to see them again one day! #hookupsformexico #Tylerwearegoin

even on the hard and long and tiring days I am so happy in this work. its the greatest work in the world :) I know this Gospel is true.


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