Monday, November 24, 2014

week 24

i am beginning to realize how little of time a mission really is. before you know it time is flying! i know the Lord called me to this mission for many reasons, and i am growing so much. its crazy for me to look back on the person i was before. not because i am suddenly different, but because the Lord is changing me into who he wants me to be. and because i am in a life long commitment to continually serve Him. :) i have such a strong testimony of the Savior and His Atoning sacrifice for each and every one of us. i know one of the biggest reasons i am here on a mission is so God can convert me just as much as he is converting the people i am teaching! i know thats why he calls us on missions! and all i want is to continually serve Him. to help bring souls unto Him. i know this work is the work of Salvation. i know this church is TRUE!!!! i know it.

haha so here's an awesome story that will tell you what its like to be a missionary here in the CTM. so last night Hermana Dudley and i go visit a referral we received from a recent convert Fernando... we knock on the door and YAY the man was Spanish! he wasn't the man we were looking for but hey, if you speak Spanish we'll gladly teach you :) all the sudden another man walks up behind him. we start telling them we are missionaries, and what our purpose is when they invite us in. there's a house full of people and they announce, "guys we have missionaries here!" there ended up being 2 people from Saudi Arabia, a Turkish woman, a Brazilian woman, the Spanish man from Ecuador, and another man from India. they all live together and they were all making foods from their countries to share. so they invited us to try some of it as we were just talking to them a little about the church and inviting them to come. we were there for probably about 15 minutes and asked the Spanish guy if he was interested in us coming back and he said yes! haha WOO! As we were leaving one of the Saudi Arabians was like "those girls were so nice!" least we planted a seed...? hahaha welcome to every day of our lives in the most diverse city in the WORLD.

so while Hermana Dudley and i are continually working SUPER hard together, a lot of our investigators aren't progressing. none of them keep commitments and we (especially me) are struggling with that a little. its so hard when you do everything you can to help people come unto Christ, and they choose not to. #agency. the part member family, the Castros, who we have been working with since we got here and have a baptismal date didn't come to church again yesterday so they are no longer progressing. and we have still yet to get in contact with our recent convert Fernando and his family.... which continues to break my heart everyday :( i am beginning to learn what its like to feel sorrow for peoples salvation. but our ward is beginning to progress more and more, and that is amazing to watch :) our ward had their Primary Program yesterday. can you just picture cute little kids singing in SPANISH? it was so precious!! #espanol >>>
and here is a scripture that hit me HARD this week: 

D&C 18:15 " and if it so be that you should labor ALL your days... and bring, save it be ONE soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with Him in the kingdom of my Father."
Jesus Christ is my Savior, and how great is my joy to labor, and bring souls unto Him.

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