Monday, January 5, 2015

week 30

happy new year! i can't even believe it is 2015. how crazy is that? this week was super great, my first week in my new area of Mississauga has been wonderful! the members are awesome, i love my companion Hermana Hoffman, and we have yet to get in a car crash with me driving on these crazy streets haha :) coming to a car area has been super different, and while being in a car is super nice since it is FREEZING here, i do miss contacting and talking to people on buses/subways. i already miss that so much! this is a different kind of missionary work than i have been in for the past 6 months but change is what helps me grow closer to my Savior Jesus Christ and i have continually felt His love and guidance.

miracle story!
we have been struggling to find new people to teach, and for this whole week i have actually felt like i brought that cursewith me to this new area since they were finding just fine... and i came from the city where we were struggling with it so much! we had a mission fast yesterday in preparation for Elder Dallin H. Oaks coming to our mission in 2 weeks (!!! im so excited!!!) and my companion and i were also fasting to find new investigators. while i can't fast right now cause of my weird health probs, i did fast from "treats" (haha since we all know how much i love them:) and ate very small meals... and all day long Hermana Hoffman and i had a prayer in our hearts that God would place someone in our path. we were out proselyting last night, talking to everyone we found and asking EVERYONE for people they know who speak Spanish, when we found a man walking into his apt room. he is from Peru and doesn't speak any English... we told him we teach free English and that we are missionaries! turns out he has LIVED with a Mormon and when we gave him a BOM he was SUPER excited and wanted to learn more! i know God hears and answers our prayers, i know He placed him in our path at just the right time because he is prepared and ready to let the Gospel change and bless him :) this is HIS WORK!

that was absolutely amazing last night, my companion and i were bouncing off the walls we were so happy haha :) i have such a big testimony of prayer. for those that have asked about my test results from the doctor-- everything came back negative so they really don't know what it is... i have a sensitive stomach! im taking medicine so everything will be fine so soon!! the work will hasten :):)

im so grateful for this Gospel, i love it with all my heart! i couldn't be happier to be serving my Savior.


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