Monday, January 12, 2015

week 31

wow it has been such an amazing week! today i feel so so grateful to be serving my Savior Jesus Christ. this really is the greatest time in my whole life. this is the best decision i have ever made, to serve a mission; and i am here LIVING IT! what a blessing. i have already learned and grown so much. i love being a missionary.

so they weren't kidding when they said it's cold in Canada, it was absolutely FREEZING HERE this week! we hit a low of -30 C (-22 F) with the wind chill this week. and out of all days that we could have gone to Lakeshore, we picked the coldest day of the week to do it hahaha oops! it was an adventure, and i couldn't feel my toes but it was great! we saw SO MANY miracles this week, i don't even know where to start. i am just absolutely loving this area! the members here are so great and Hermana Hoffman and i's hard work is starting to really pay off! OH! and Elder Oaks is coming to our missionthis Saturday. i can't wait to sit at his feet and hear him guide this mission! we will learn so much :) 

miracle stories:
- we were in an area contacting and knocked on a door with one our pass along cards of Jesus sitting in the window... a lady answers who was taking care of her sick mom. long story short, it is actually from 7 years ago when this lady met with missionaries! we have been meeting with the daughter, Marian who has LOTS of questions and is crazy ready and prepared for the gospel. 
- this same Marian watched Joseph Smith, prophet of the Restoration on Netflix 2 weeks ago, and we knocked on her (mom's) door. SO COOL.
- we have been teaching Jose this week, (who i mentioned in last week's email, our new investigator) and last night we had an awesome dinner with a member who has been fellow-shipping him like crazy. (THE BEST. help the missionaries!!) anyways, he's amazing and we committed him to read the BOM.
- after a long 5 hours of contacting and finding on Saturday night we were praying so hard to find some answers of where to go and who NEEDS the gospel. a man named Juan stuck out to me on a potential list, and after calling him, he shows up at church yesterday with his best friend, a SOLID member in our ward. such a miracle! YAY for finding prepared people!
- guess who showed up at the baptism in our ward yesterday? SIMON!!!!!! i was so happy to see him :) i know its only been 2 weeks but i missed him. 

how have you come unto Christ? - i was asked to bear my testimony yesterday on that question at the baptism. we watched this video and i just absolutely loved it! its the 2014 youth theme, but it always applies right? go watch it! i shared 2 Corinthians 12:9-10, one of my all time favorites. i know that if we turn to the Lord, he will turn our weaknesses into strengths through HIS perfect grace. i know that His arms are always turned unto us.... turn to Him! and let him change you. i couldn't be happier about being here on my mission. i love serving my Savior Jesus Christ. i love this work and i love this Gospel. 


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