Monday, March 23, 2015

week 41

we had such an awesome week!!

we met with Luz everyday this week to prepare her for her baptism. we had to teach a lot since she is a 3 week miracle and got baptized really fast! but Luz is super accepting and we were only able to because she already KNOWS this church is true and couldn't be happier about being baptized! the baptism went really well, really smooth compared to the other ones we have had haha. that's because this ward is AWESOME. (i love Mississauga!) the whole program was in Spanish which was really special for all the Spanish members, and for LUZ!! who can't understand or speak a single word in English. her testimony was so tender too. i can't wait to see Luz progress even more. we are going to help her this week prepare names for the temple!

speaking of the temple, we had the opportunity to go on Saturday! after 6 months, i needed it so badly and it was so wonderful to spend the morning there. we had to wake up at 4 to pick up other sisters and get there in time and we were completely exhausted all day but of course it was worth it! (GO TO THE TEMPLE! it is such a blessing. never take it for granted!)

i spoke in church yesterday. they told me 2 days but luckily i got to pick my topic! also i guess missionaries are just good at speaking/teaching on the spot haha.  i wish i could have done it in Spanish but i did bear my testimony at the end in Spanish which was nice so Luz could understand. i spoke on Pres. Uchtdorf's talk at the general young women's meeting last October "living the Gospel joyful" and man i just LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!!and i love the mission so much. i am sooooo happy here. i also learned a lot this week on the importance of obedience. not only a HUGE part of missionary life, but everything God asks us to do is based off our faith and obedience to Him. its amazing how much i am learning as a missionary. i am so grateful for it! i am especially grateful for the way its shaping and changing my life!!!

we received a transfer call last night from President! i will be training a new missionary. im gonna be a mom! it's a big responsibility, and yes i am nervous... but when the Lord calls, He prepares us! just hoping my Spanish is good enough to help teach someone haha. but that's why i am SO grateful for the spirit and the gift of tounges! anyways, i have training meeting tomorrow and i'll find out who my little trainee is then. im excited to work hard with her and see MIRACLES!

i am so grateful to be here working hard as a missionary, and i just have to say THANK YOU to all who have sent me cards, letters and packages. you're support and love makes me work hard and i am grateful for it! especially neighbors, family, friends and ward members. know that i am grateful for you :) the church is TRUE!!! go share it!


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