Tuesday, March 17, 2015

week 40

so many miracles this week!!

we have still been teaching Luz, who is progressing SO much! she has participated in service activities for the ward this week, and has even invited her roommates to learn more about the Gospel like she has. Luz will be getting baptized this Sunday! she was so excited when we taught her all about the Temple and Family History. she is so excited to prepare to go after she is baptized! really, she is a miracle. and it is no coincidence that our investigator who is progressing the most/fastest is the one who can't put down the Book of Mormon. there is power in that book, and i know its true. so does she! she is cruzin through it! i can't wait for her to be baptizedSunday :) lets hope we can get everything taught haha. luckily she's super accepting.

on Thursday we got to be volunteers to help cook for 2 other zone's Zone conference... so i got to see ALL the other Hermanas! there are only 10 of us Hermanas in the mission so its awesome when we are all together :) Luz was also there helping to cook, and after all the missionaries sang to her and the other member volunteers. Luz was crying! she's so great. we have found 5 new investigators this week! that is GOOD for us Spanish missionaries haha. they are all miracles and really, our area is on fire right now. its awesome.

cool miracle story: so 2 weeks ago we were out talking to people when a member calls us and asks us if we can pick her up some duck tape on the way to dinner at her house. we walked over to a Shoppers Drug Mart and found some. we talked to this guy who kept staring at us... and he ended up being a little crazy.. haha but we jumped in line and all the sudden i hear 2 words in Spanish right behind us. i flip around and we start talking to this awesome Cuban couple! they were super impressed with our Spanish haha especially when we told them we are learning by talking to people here. this week we went by their house, and Jesus (the father) told us he was pretty atheist but was open to learn. Annia (the mother) is super catholic. the lesson was AWESOME! when we shared the Book of Mormon with them, Jesus couldn't stop looking at it, and knew he could know for himself as he read Moroni 10:3-5. he's going to read AND come to church. i can't wait to teach the whole family!

we get to go to the TEMPLE this saturday! that is a 2x a year thing in the Canada Toronto mission, so you could definitely say we're SUPER excited! i love this Gospel and i love the mission :)


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