Monday, April 20, 2015

week 45

well we definitely had some challenging days this week, Hermana Flake and i got food poisoning from something, and we almost hit rock bottom when all of our appointments fell through yesterday and not a single investigator came to church. but then we remembered that our area is ON FIRE right now. and that everything happens for a reason :) its all in God's hands because this is HIS work! and as long as we are doing our part, He promises to do His. He has a greater plan :) you could definitely say it made us want to work even harder though! to really find the elect. i am doing all i can right now to consecrate and humble myself to do God's will, to strengthen my faith, to see miracles, and to baptize the multitudes! 

the greatest miracle this week happened just last night. after our really challenging Sunday, we felt prompted to pass by a potential investigator later that night.... about 4 hours after our scheduled appointment when she didn't answer her door. when we returned though, she let us in and told us she was so sorry that she wasn't there earlier, but that they had to go to the hospital for her daughter. we sat down with the family (her + her daughter and son) and told them our purpose as missionaries and got to know them a bit. her name is Yolanda, they are from Mexico! i love Mexicans :) they are so excited to learn more about the Gospel. we shared with them the Restoration pamphlets and we are going back this Friday. this family is solid and i know its an answer to the millions of prayers offered by Hermana Flake and i to place families in our path <3 -="" :="" a="" also="" and="" another="" answers="" appointment="" are="" area.="" blessing="" brazilian="" children="" christ.="" cleaning="" contact="" coolest="" decided="" dinner="" especially="" eternal.="" everyone="" fallen="" family="" find="" found="" garage="" get="" god="" gonna="" gospel="" had="" happy="" have="" her="" how="" husband="" i="" in="" is="" it="" jesus="" know="" lives="" make="" makes="" me="" meet.="" nbsp="" now="" of="" oh="" originally="" our="" part="" portuguese="" prayers="" restored="" s="" share="" spanish="" speak="" teach="" teaching="" that="" the="" them="" this="" through="" to="" u="" valesca="" we="" week="" what="" when="" who="" with="" wow="" yolanda="">

it started getting warm this past week! FINALLY. we were coat AND jacket free. its going to rain all this week but at least we saw the sun for a few days. i can't wait for summer :) we have been going running now every morning. gotta stay in shape when we're getting fed lots by the wonderful members here :) haha i just love them though! i love them with all my heart. the people here are so amazing.

life is GOOD! i am so happy to be here. i hope all is well at home. i love you all so much, and feel so much love for you too while being away. i know missions are a big sacrifice but really, it hasn't been a sacrifice for all that i have gained. im praying for you always. and THANK YOU for the endless amount of love and support i receive, i am truly grateful for you all. 


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