Monday, April 27, 2015

week 46

first things first, CONGRATS to my girl Sydni for getting called to the Australia Sydney mission, Samoan speaking! i am so happy for you! being a missionary is amazing :)

i'm gonna be really honest here! we had a pretty discouraging week. several things are happening in our area right now that make it so hard for us to keep the faith! we had some super low moments/days. i felt very frustrated all week that things weren't working out. anyone that knows me, knows i am a perfectionist... with everything! and something i have learned on my mission is that our plan, isn't God's plan. we are His instruments. we submit to His will and do what He asks. and His plan is perfect! i have just been feeling so sad though that as i am here training Hermana Flake, this is what she is being welcomed in to. rough! i try not to blame it on myself, but i do wish that we could see the fruits of our efforts. sometimes, we just plant the seeds though, right? anyways, we still saw a lot of miracles!

we had an amazing lesson on Monday night with the twins. we had dinner/FHE at the Westons with a few other families.... and the awesome, powerful, spiritual giant Hermano Argueta was there. awww yeah! his testimony is soooo super fuerte, and the power of the Holy Ghost just absolutely filled that room. he, and Kendra were such a big help. and by the end of the lesson, we were all in tears. bawling actually. it was probably one of the most spiritual experiences of my whole life! we taught them a lot of doctrine, but it was the most powerful when we were talking about how much God loves them. how He truly is their Father in Heaven. then we told them how much we love them, and are praying for them. i have never felt so much love for someone! i love those girls. praying night and day that they can KNOW this church is true. its all depending on their Catholic parents right now. please pray for them! we also took them to YW this week where we learned to Tahitian dance :) it was a party and made me miss being in Young Womens.

we have been working with Luz to get names to take to the temple soon. and she got some! 3 names :) her father, and grandparents. i am so excited for her! coolest part - we start entering a few things on familysearch, come to find out her grandma has already been baptized, someone has done all the temple work for her. she's a member! also, Jose. man, i think i have prayed and cried and studied more for him than all investigators i have ever taught, combined. we had a powerful lesson with him on Friday though. (with Hermano Argueta again! im telling you.... he is so awesome.) the Spirit was so strong! he now knows that HE has to read and pray and ask God. he is going to Peru soon for 2 weeks, so we'll see what happens. 

we had a lot of member meals again this week, i can't even tell you how much i dearly love these members in the Mississauga ward. they are so good to us! they truly feel like family to me. i can't imagine my life without them.

oh! so yesterday we had a multi stake conference for the North America North East region... which includes us. it was a broadcast from SLC, and we got to hear from Elder Kacher, Sister Reeves, Elder Neil L. Anderson, and Elder Robert D. Hales. the best part is, The Neves family, (the Brazilian family we are teaching) CAME! it was so perfect. it made me so happy to see that family walk in. we have started teaching the whole family... AND they feed us delish Brazilian food. they definitely received direct revelation from the Apostles! as did i :)

i am learning and focusing a lot right now on the laws of Sacrifice and consecration. they go hand in hand, and they are SO important, especially for a missionary. it is so special to me. this time serving the Lord is so special to me. and i want to put my whole heart and soul into it <3 and="" be="" grateful="" happy="" healthy="" here="" im="" to="" u="">


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