Monday, May 25, 2015

week 50

thank you all SO MUCH for the birthday wishes!!!!! i only have 10 minutes to write today because we are heading to Toronto and need time to travel/spend there.... and the member is taking us real soon. and sadly i haven't even had a chance to watch this amazing video yet of the birthday wishes!! man i am going to be so anxious until i get to watch it next week. ahh! i don't even know who is in it! im excited already :) my birthday was such a great one. a weird day actually haha but a super great day. im 20! that's crazy. the members made it really special. members made me cakes, we had dinner at our WML's house and they gave me a cake, my comps made me breakfast, and president & sister Clayton called and sang me happy birthday 2 times. it was so great :) 

a cool but hard miracle/sadness of this week was yesterday when i got a call that one of my Recent Converts from Toronto has passed away. luckily the family has been strengthened more than ever, so it has been kind of a miracle in disguise, but that was a hard call to receive on my birthday. luckily i did get to talk to their family <3 i="" love="" them.="" u="">

we are going to Toronto with Viry and Kendra today :) 2 of my favorite people ever! the 5 of us are going to party it up there. i am so excited :) thank you all again for the birthday wishes and packages! i appreciate them more than you even know. i am so grateful for the love and support i receive from home... it really motivates me to work so hard! i wish i had more time to update you on our week, but it will have to wait until next week. 

muchisimas gracias! cuidense mucho :)


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