Monday, June 1, 2015

week 51

thank you all so so so much for the wonderful birthday video! i did find a chance to watch it last week and it brought me to tears. i love every single one of you and i am so grateful for your love and support. muchisimas gracias :) Toronto was so wonderful last week. i just love running around in that city! i can't wait to bring Tyler and my fam back here. you'll love it. we went shopping and to the CN tower... and ate some delicious food + gelato. it was so great :)

so on Tuesday we had a specialty training meeting about hastening the work of salvation and helping ourMission Vision come to life. it was so great! i have really come to understand the importance of member missionary work on my mission. we learned a lot about how to work with the ward members/ward council and had a lot of instructions from several companionship's on how we could all improve, together! i received a lot of personal revelation, that i know came directly from my Father in Heaven, while president Clayton (love that man) was instructing us about consecration. consecration has been my focus this transfer and i have been working really hard for it.... and the days that followed this training, my eyes were completely opened. the Lord has been testing me! and after that training i promised Him that i would put everything on the alter of sacrifice, for Him. the day after i decided to do that was Friday, and we had a day FULL of miracles! we did service for Alejandra for 2 hours, and made and ate dinner with her, we taught Jose who has just returned from Peru and is now progressing (#ananswertoprayers) and we found a SOLID new investigator named Moraima who couldn't stop reading the Book of Mormon and came to church on Sunday! and to top off the week, we had 4 investigators (including the twins!) come to church on Sunday, AND stayed for the baptism we had in the ward after church. talk about miracles! and they only happened, because i promised the Lord i would put every ounce of me serving Him into doing so with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. it was so cool too, because during the day on Friday and the days following, my mind was waayyyyyy more opened to receiving revelation for other people. i felt the spirit so strong too. we didn't even have plans to visit Alejandra or stop by our potential, Moraima. but because i received revelation, we went.... and the Lord blessed us AND them ten fold. i have a testimony of putting everything we have into the hands of the Lord. he will bless us and mold us and change us more than we can ever imagine! i will always put Him first. 

Christ taught us everything we need to know about consecration. he consecrated everything! he never forgot which way he faced, and everything he did was for his Father, and for us. i am so grateful for his perfect example in my life. Friday morning as i was studying.... my eyes were opened. i wept because i felt so grateful to my Heavenly Father for testing me and teaching me the importance of always consecrating myself and putting the Savior first in my life. how could i not give my Lord my all? for he has done everything for me.

"I came to do the will of Him who hath sent me." - John 6:38

i am so grateful for Christ. i have been telling my companions this week how grateful i am for my mission. i have just absolutely loved every second of it, because of all the experiences i have seen so far, all the lives i have seen changed, and especially all the things i have learned that i will carry through my life forever. i am so grateful to be here! 

haha quick funny story for you -- we were at Luz Dary's house this week and she always offers us a snack. she poured us HUGE glasses of "lactose free milk" since she can't have it either.... well i really hate drinking straight milk so when she turned around i gave it to Hermana Ridgway and said hurry drink it!!!! so she starts GUZZLING it. she sets the glass down and has the most disgusted look on her face i have ever seen..... and says "i think its my toothpaste cause that is disgusting" HAHAHA come to find out it was SOUR!!! 2 months old!!!! hahahahhahahaha i was literally dying, but i felt so bad. i couldn't stop laughing.


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