Monday, July 6, 2015

week 56

hope you all had an awesome 4th of July! my one and only 4th out of the U.S. i missed it. i am proud to be an American :) Canada day was on the 1st and they actually didn't even celebrate it a lot. there were a few fireworks but nothing big. we definitely go all out compared to Canadians :) then again no one is Canadian over here...... haha.

we have been SO busy! this week just flew past my eyes. don't even know how it is July. with lots going on the days and weeks are flying. it hasn't been that warm here #canada. but we are finally getting above 30 C! woo hoo! 

we are teaching like crazy. it has been awesome! we are teaching Golam still who is progressing faithfully. it has been different to teach him and he has a lot of questions and not much of a Christian background.but he is also the most open person in the world! we are also teaching the cutest lady in the world named Joyce. she is from Uganda and is still learning English so she says the cutest things like "Jesus lovin me" "you come teach me and me happy. before me cry." awwww she is adorable. also, Timothy. an awesome new investigator who has decided he wants to be baptized. we are struggling big time on getting people to come to church. it really is the worst when they commit to come, and you stand there waiting and they don't show up... "noooooo not again!" hahaha. but the members here are great too, we are loving getting to know all of them.

i had another exchange this week with Sister Tang. she came to work in our area and we had an awesome day together! she is a great missionary. i also went to my first MLC meeting. Missionary Leadership Council. the Spirit was so strong. i really am learning so much as a missionary. about what it truly means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ for the rest of my life. who have i become? how can i continue inviting others to Come unto Christ even when i am not a full time missionary? Christ is everything. and i will always continue to serve Him. i am so grateful He knows and loves me personally. i love Him.

the Gospel is true and real and is being spread all over the world. the Lord needs us! this is His work and His glory, and He invites us to invite others to come with us as we strive to be like Him and endure to the end. 

con amor, hermana horton

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