Friday, December 4, 2015

together again

heyyyyyyyy im back again! with lots of pictures of my lover and i. tyler and i have just loved being together again. catching up and making up for lost time has just been an absolute dream. he is so good to me i really can't even tell you how lucky i feel to call him mine. he means everything to me. and even though i've had lots going on with my health, he has been there every step of the way. i could never do it without him! he's amazing. im so in love. anyways... here are some of the many adventures we have been up to! (with more coming soon...)

^^^ late night date to the Chocolate. even though i am still dealing with tailbone pain/surgeries/not being able to sit... Tyler always has adventures in mind for us. he really is the greatest

^^^ visiting Caleb at work at Farrs! ice cream lovin.

^^^ he's so cute.

^^^ we bought a CAR!!!! yes, together. we're adults now. life decisions. white 2013 Mazda 2... named her Eva. cute huh??

^^^ he definitely always knows how to make me smile.

^^^ kisses cause we're in love. photo cred to my girl Aydels :)

^^^ this is probably a night we watched another Disney movie and cuddled lots. he's my favorite.

^^^ visiting the Payson Temple!

^^^ trying to get stuff done at the UVU library... even though we got distracted a lot we did finally get Tyler signed up for school. my future little scholar!!

I'M JUST SO GIDDY AND IN LOVE. life is perfect, because i'm with him.

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