Tuesday, December 15, 2015


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i couldn't be happier... we couldn't be happier. there is so much to tell about everything that has happened... i don't even know where to start! first of all, gonna tell you a secret. Tyler is perfect. and sooooooo creative. we had the most amazing week together. he has gone to so much work and we have relived some of our favorite memories. it has seriously been AMAZING! how can i ever repay him? it all started last Sunday night. Tyler gave me a little note with a clue of a surprise date we were to go on, on Monday. annnnndddd here's the whole story ---

MONDAY night, we relived the night Tyler and i shared our first kiss :) we were close friends back then but had a date night at the Scera. we went there again, had the theater to ourselves + watched a Disney movie, and even snuck backstage... like the good old days :) we blasted the RHCP in buck the truck and kissed as if it was our first. it was so cute. i got another clue that night for a surprise date on Tuesday! also this picture is so staged. hahahaha get it... cause we're on a stage....... haha ha haaa haaa

TUESDAY we visited Manti, where i went with Tyler's family for a wedding about 2 weeks after we started dating. Manti holds such a special place in our hearts! it was so fun to go back again. we took dozens of pictures at the Temple and visited places we went 2 years ago. such a fun day together. clue #3 came later as well :)

WEDNESDAY was amazing. we relived PROM! man it was so special. Tyler took me to eat at the Communal - where we had dinner on prom night... then we went where we had prom and danced under the gazebo and lights to our favorite Disney music. wow i loved it. then we headed up to a little cabin in Sundance and cuddled in a heated blanket. magical.

THURSDAY was seriously amazing! how Tyler managed to plan this one all out, is beyond me. he's incredible. we drove up Spanish Fork canyon into Schofield where his family owns a cabin. we did have to walk quite a ways up in there since our cute new little Mazda can't make it on the snow. but we took pictures before hand and made the trek up in the snow! i walked in to a homemade candlelit dinner... roses, candles, sparkling cider, music... (!!!!!!!!!!!!) holy romantic! and i had no idea. we had dinner together listening to our favorite Disney music just like 2 years ago. Tyler even printed out letters we wrote each other on our missions and we reminisced by the fire. man i loved it so much.

FRIDAY was spent at Mountain View! since we share sooooooo many memories there. when we were just friends, but it also holds a special place in our hearts since it's where we told each other we loved one another. we took pictures in the photo studio where we had class together, and snuck into the bruin bowl. felt so crazy to be back after so long. Tyler is so sentimental!

SATURDAY was pretty awesome because this moment that we relived really wasn't long ago. we went to the airport and remembered when we stepped off the airplane after serving our missions. Tyler wasn't there when i walked off, but i was there when he did. and man, that hug was so worth the wait! (also how cute that he had us where our AZ + Toronto hats????)

SUNDAY was the greatest of them all. all week long i had wondered if any one of those magical dates would include a proposal but after a week of them i was sure it was all just for fun. especially because the 'clue' on Saturday night for Sunday's date was just the hint that we were watching Inside Out. so Sunday evening that's what we did! but after that, Tyler blindfolded me and we ended up in the canyon. Tyler led me to 6 different trees, all which had lit up balls in them.... with pictures of the past week. CORE MEMORIES!!!! how cute eh??? after gathering all 6, Tyler led me over to a lit up tree and pointed to another ball, with a ring box inside... and said "this will be our greatest memory yet." then he told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend eternity with me. he promised to always serve me, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. without hesitation but tears streaming down my face i said YES!!!!!

all the CORE MEMORIES!!!

annnddddd the ring :)

after kissing and hugging and laughing and smiling for a good 10 minutes, both mine and his siblings + parents ran out from the bushes to congratulate us! +++ pull out treats and hot cocoa and take 1000 more pictures. it was so perfect. there was so much happiness there!

Tyler and I will be sealed for time and all eternity in the Payson Utah Temple on March 12, 2016.

we can hardly wait! we are pretty giddy and in love. i just can't believe how creative and amazing Tyler is, i don't know how i will ever repay him for it. also, can't wait to share this story with our kids one day.


  1. this is seriously THE cutest! i am so happy for you guys!!


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