Monday, November 29, 2010

break = over

i am so sorry that i have left my poor little blog for 4 days straight! i have been busy busy!

i already told you about my thanksgiving in THIS post, but we ate with the Hortons then headed to my grandmas for some dessert and skping with our cousins! malia and i got a little bored

friday morning at 5 am, malia and i went black friday shopping! it was awesome! friday afternoon i worked with cait until 7, then we went to Hobby Lobby together. later we ate yummy food and went hot tubbing in cait's backyard!

and yes we took pictures :)

me and cait got up at 11:30 and made crumb cake for breakfast :) we played sequence / then we held cait's frogs for a bit! the cutest little things.

after we had our adventures with the pet frogs we went to the store with
Carley to get things for her "Luau date"

then we went home and both went to nicole's house!

i love my friends!

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