Thursday, November 18, 2010

my week

amanda and nicole came over right after school! we ate food and made bows together :)
i went to the mall with malia for a really long time, then went home and ate, then i helped my mom with reflections. and i also broke out in dance about 20 times with caleb.

tuesday i left right after school with my mom and we went to target, and also to forever 21.
i went home, then went to work at 7Circles with Cait until 6:30! we have so much fun there! at 7 i went to young womens! we did some ballroom dancing!

cait and i did some homework after school and picked out outfits together! then i went running and ate. also, i watched our commercial for 7Circles!

right after school i went to target with my mom, and now i am writing this post! also i am baking cookies for my mom. and tonight i have meet the team night for cheer, and i think i will work on some personal progress!


ps: happy anniversary to my mom and dad! love you guys

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