Thursday, May 19, 2011

clothing and earrings selling

guess what? i am still selling clothes... down 7Circles! they are wonderful and i am having to work my bum off in order to make all these items in time. a few things have also gone on sale! come check it out! 

starting today, i am also selling earrings! they are WAY cute so come take a peek, and maybe purchase a few, since they are all only $3. what a STEAL! come see!

in case you have never heard of 7Circles:
this is my family's owned store we started June 4, 2010
VERY good deals on TONS of clothing!



  1. i'm really digging your cute shirts!!! i've never come before but i really want to now that your selling these rad shirts! they're so cute! you'll definitely see me soon!

  2. so i feel like a stalker, but i just had to let you know that your shirts and earring are absolutely fantastic! that is so cool that you make them yourself- i might just get sewing this summer because of you!! thanks for the inspiration!