Tuesday, May 17, 2011

monday and tuesday {crushes}

yesterday was an A day. first of all, after having a REALLY warm week last week, it was cold and wet, which was miserable. school was pretty good, during fourth {since i don't have one} i did math homework with Cait in the lunch room, and Chris and Edgar visited us.

after school, Cait and i went to her home. we cleaned her room. then went to Farr's and got some delicious ice cream! after eating it, we Facebook stalked, and then we were looking at REALLY old posts from like, 8th grade! on our own walls! it was pretty funny

Cait left for soccer, and i couldn't get a hold of my mom, so i walked home. after arriving home, i was in a VERY strange mood, and i was in the mood to RUN... just RUN... so that is exactly what i did. i ran a crazy 3 mile route to Madi's house, but when i got there she had to have FHE. i said hi to Chris at the park, then went home, ate, and my family and i had FHE. i then blogged {THIS} and took a shower. after that i Facetime-d with Madi, then i went to bed

B day {{sigh}} school was eh, okay. after school i stopped at Wendy's with my mom, then she took me to the Orem range where i had roading. i road-ed 3-5 with Damon Taylor and Mr Young. it was actually pretty fun! last time i didn't even know the girl i went with, but i actually knew Damon! we drove out to Spanish Fork and Springville, then back through Provo and Orem.

after roading i stopped at home, then went to Cold Stone where i met Deidre and Hailey for ice cream! if you do not know these people, let me just fill you in.

in case you didn't know, EFY 2010 was ONE of the BEST weeks of my entire life. i had SO much fun and i had my life changed a LOT in that week. Deidre is sort of my HERO and my inspiration. i love her VERY MUCH! {see her blog HERE} Hailey, she was/is a REALLY really good friend of mine that i made at EFY. she is one year younger then me, but we bond like glue :)

i then went home, and headed to YW with my mother and sister. and now i am home, blogging.
i hope you enjoyed my summary of the past 2 days
my current crushes

long summer dresses {via}

fedora's for summer {via}

chunky necklace's {via}
7 days till im 16

coming soon: new things i am selling at 7Circles!

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