Sunday, May 22, 2011

a very fishy weekend

after school, i went to my LAST time of roading, and i am very happy to announce that,
i PASSED! i will be getting my license the day i turn 16 {which is tuesday}

i went home, and Madi came over. we got ready, ate, and Hannah came over! then we made some ringtones for my phone. after finishing that, my dad took us to Chris' house. at Chris' house, boys played FIFA while we ladies talked, then we did some fireworks, then we watched a scary movie!
people there:
me, Jos, Madi, Cait, Hannah, Chris, Edgar, Dallin, Austin, David

at 11:45 Cait, Jos, and i went back to Caits house. we chatted with
her sister and her fiance until 3, then we went to sleep!

i got up at 10 so i could head home to do some chores. i did some chores indoors, then mowed the front of the lawn. then i shaved my legs, got dressed, made muddie buddies, then watched 3 episodes of LOST {AKA: my favorite show} Madi came over at about 4, then we walked to Caits.

at Caits, we talked, ate pizza, watched part of a movie, then decided to go on a walk! we walked to Petsmart and looked at some animals.... and SURPRISE! we all bought fishies!

Keena's: Timothy / Madi's: Bitsy / Cait's: Vernan
Cait was in LOVE with this parrot....

after Petsmart, we walked to Krispy Kreme's with our fishies

we ate our doughnuts, then walked down to Walmart to purchase some water bottles. we bought 3, then {i, Keena} picked up the fish out of the bag, and put them in these bottles. cute, eh?

so the main reason we went on a walk, was because Cait had these special coupons to get us a FREE strawberry lemonade slushiee at McDonald's! we had this wonderful adventure,
but then we finally decided to walk from Walmart to McDonald's.
we also got some fries! oh, and we took pictures there, with our fish :)

after eating, we saw some CUTE puppies for sale and we just HAD to hold them.
well me and Cait held them... Madi just took pictures :)

THEN, we walked ALL the way to Nielsens Grove Park, but it was PACKED with children.
so we kept walking, and we walked to the park by Alex Larsens house.
then we sat on the grass, with our fish, and talked

we were supposed to go hang out with the "BOYS" but that never really worked out, for many reasons {{sigh}} .... Jos met us at the Park, and we all talked for awhile. then we drove to Cait's to get a Starbucks card. we got some milkshakes there... then drove to Wendy's, where Cait, Madi and i all got chicken sandwich's, then drove to Cafe Rio, where Jos got herself a taco.

{YES, we ate a lot of food that night. YES i probably gained 20 pounds... oh well}
it sorta makes me sick to think about how much we ate....

we then drove to the MV park and sat in the parking lot. we were all extremely tired
i went home, talked for hours and hours with Chris, Madi, and Cait
{keep in mind, all seperate calls that were wicked long} then i finally went to sleep

woke up to find my fish {that i purposely left at Joslynn's last night} on my front porch! STILL ALIVE! i got him a nice bowl, and even found some food! YAY for Tim!

tonight was my Birthday Dinner {more to come about my entire birthday}
and i also got to open all of my presents {{smiles}}

that's all for now my dears!


coming soon: my birthday

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