Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i am still here

i've never been so happy {{smiles}} my birthday was OH, so fantastic, i wish i could do it again .... that is how fun it was! so much fun in 1 whole day. i did however celebrate on sunday too. oh, and monday. plus im still celebrating today, not to mention my actual birthday on tuesday! as you can see i am just making this the BEST birthday ever, & it is working. because it really HAS been the best birthday EVER! and it is not even over. but hey, who wouldn't want a PERFECT sweet 16?

i did not want to leave my blog hangin, which is why i decided to pop in and say "Hello!" but, it is sad that i have to leave so soon {{sigh}} but have no fear! because my "birthday post" will be coming shortly, just as soon as i can finish celebrating {if that will ever happen... haha!}

anyways, i am so happy to be 16 {if you can't tell}, you have no idea.... say hello to: driving, dances, and dating. i like to call them my 3 D's, and i am incredibly excited to do all 3! i will be back soon my dears! in the mean time, be sure to follow my little blog! much love! {{winks}}


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