Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my wonderful sweet 16!

alright, i think everyone has waited long enough, that it is NOW time for my "BIRTHDAY POST"

my birthday this year, was ABSOLUTELY wonderful. i loved every single second of it, and i celebrated SO much. i think this year hit GOLD for "best birthday" i really had a great birthday and i think it has been my BEST so far. which i am glad, since it was my sweet 16

my extended family came over after church, and we ate a delicious Asian meal
{lettuce wraps, rice, terryaki chicken, egg rolls} then we opened presents!

and blew out candles. yes kids, i blew out all 16 candles {wink wink to nicole} so i am PRETTY sure, that means this year will be great, and my wish will come true {{smiles}}
i got:
money, gift cards, lotions, perfumes, and.... drum roll please.... a new SEWING MACHINE!
after school, i went to Pizza Factory with my family and grandpa Horton. we had a delightful meal served by Chelsea Bateman! {{winks}} she was wonderful to us and i absolutely LOVE Pizza Factories raspberry lemonade's.... mm mm good!
{my actual birthday}
i was awaken at 6 a.m by Madi and Chels {and 15 texts}, and they took me to Magleby's! haha we had a good time there with our sassy waitress and funny stories/videos. after that, i went home, got ready, and headed to school!

school was alright, i got many hugs and "happy birthdays" and it wasn't a bad day at all! you all know i have no 4th, so during that i went to get my LICENSE! yep, i'm street legal so you better just watch out. i came back to school, and chilled with Madi and Cait for a little bit
after school, Cait, Jos, Madi and i all went to Cafe Rio for some birthday lunch,
then to Yogurtland since i had never been! it was yum!
after that, Jos, Madi and i all went to Chris' house to chilly willy. THEN, Madi, Chris and i all went to the Lakeridge Choir concert. after that, Chris and i {yes i realize i am loosing friends each time i do something new... hahaha!} came to my house and he gave me my presents {{wink}} he is so good to me, i love it. he gave me a JB poster, PB M&M's, a nice note, and a very cute necklace

the usual... school and homework and what not. BUT i got my hair done for my birthday! highlights and a haircut baby. i love it! i love when it feels all healthy...
after getting my hair done, i came home, got ready a little bit, and went on my FIRST date!
Yep :) me and my dad! it was super fun. we dressed up, he gave my flowers, opened all the doors for me, and we drove to SLC. we went to the "Garden" up in SLC in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. it was SO good! and we had the perfect view! plus he taught me ALL the things TO do and what NOT to do on a date! and things that boys should/shouldn't do. and we DID talk a lot about boys :) good golly i love my father!
skipping to....
i was supposed to go on a date with Chris on Friday night, as our first date. but my parents told me that i was not aloud to plan anything for the weekend. after school i went to Joslynns, with Jos, Cait, Meg, Emma, Austin, Edgar, Chris, and me. we all talked until i had to leave @4.

i went home, and all of the sudden, my aunt from Seattle is in my kitchen! she says "ya im your surprise! and i brought you the best dessert ever! look in the pantry" so i look and out pops my 2 COUSINS! from Seattle! my favorites.... :) we talked for a little, then my mom and aunt decide to tell us that not only do i get to spend 3 days with my cousins, but we also got to go up to Park City for friday night! YAY! i went and got some clothes together and we were on our way!

we got to our place, then got dressed up a little bit, to head to this very fancy restaurant to eat!
{ignore the ugly orange date on the side there, don't know where that came from}
after eating, we stopped at Smiths to get some things for breakfast in the morning...

just try not to ask what is going on in this picture. lets just say, my cousin is hilarious
{again, ignore that thing... }
we went back to our place, and got in some swimsuits to hop in the hot-tub! after that, we watched Girls just wanna have fun. then i talked to Chris for awhile, then went to sleep!

we woke up, packed up, then headed to the outlets! we shopped and shopped till about 2, then got some food @Cafe Rio! after that, we went up to the Gateway to do more shopping. we finally got home at 8 that night. so overall, i went shopping for 7 hours that day. Yep, us girls love it, and know how to bargain... don't ask where we slept...
we went and got JB movie, and watched that while doing Mani/Pedi's! i love mine!

ps: that night, my feather on my left side came out... {tear tear}
church, games, hangin, talkin, then family came over for dinner. cousins and i played more games, then Briana and i watched the Lizzie McGuire movie and shaved our legs. then Chris came over to meet my cousins!

cousins left at 6 a.m :( it was a wonderful weekend and so sad to see them leave. no worries, i will be seeing them in a month :) i got up, got ready, did some chores, then hung out with Cait
she got 5 baby CHICKS! they are so cute...

Cait had to go, so i hung out with Chris and did some math homework {pretty sure that is that last time i will have to say that in about... 3 months} then i went to bed

back to school for 4 more days, even though we have gotten out at 10:30 haha is that even considered school? yeah i don't know. but tomorrow is the last day, since it is only seniors on friday. i am SO glad i can not even express it into words. i just need a BREAK! okay, since this post has now taken me an hour, and i am extremely tired, i think i will go to bed

conclusion? i LOVE BEING 16 {and} my birthday was AWESOME!


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  1. Happy Birthday Keena! 16 is the best age, enjoy it! I want to see more pictures of you and Chris :)