Friday, June 3, 2011

just the beginning...

i am so happy to be able to say that

what does this mean? it means i do not have to go to bed early, it means i do not have to get UP early, it means no more HOMEWORK, it means no more STUDYING, it means no more tests, quizzes, or assignments, it means sleepovers, it means warm weather, it means swimming everyday and chillin with my friends, and lastly, it means i can start my summer list!

yesterday was my last day of school, and it was not even school. it was an assembly that started at 8 and only lasted to 9:30. after that, there was more yearbook signing that went on, then Hannah, Cait, and i went to Ernie's to get a sandwich for brunch.

then, we stopped at Hannah's so she could drop off her car, then we went to get Madi!

we stopped back at my house, then went to get Malia from Lakeridge, then we all went to the 6th grade Westmore Graduation so we could watch Caleb {my brother} and Cade {Cait's brother} graduate! it was just so funny to see them graduate, because not too long ago it was me and Cait graduating from 6th grade together! Caleb gave a little speech and did fantastic :)

after that, we stopped at Caits, saw her chicks, then stopped at Madis, then went to get some snowies!

after that we went to the park and ate our snowies, then just talked there. Chris showed up for like 10 minutes but had to go help his family move more. we went back to my house until like 9:30 then decided to drive around. la la la la la we ended up at Caits and Jos and i slept over. there is a whole bunch of hula-baloo in there about who went where and what we did, but i really do not feel like explaining that all to you, and you probably really do not care.

today i am going to start on my summer list because there is 126 things on it, and i really need to get going on it {if you do not know what this is, click HERE} i am also going to go shopping with Cait and Jos today, since paychecks came today.

hope you all have a wonderful


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