Friday, July 8, 2011

the 4th

traditions. that is what all holidays are about for me and my family. my cousins arrived that night, we ate some dinner, then headed to G&G's to roast mallows, and spend the night. oh, and play a bunch of games with the cousins. plus, we all had snowies

Yep. i have a huge butt. isn't it cute?

we spent the night there of course. Briana, Kenz, Mia and i all slept on the deck. it was great :) we were up bright and early for the balloons too. here is us, in the truck, on our way over.

*don't judge us by our morning looks*

after spending an afternoon tanning {for 3 hours} and slippin' on the slip n' slide {with jumps might i add} we headed back to G&G's house for dinner. after dinner we waited around for awhile, then walked down to the church, across from the stadium, where we watch the fireworks every year

may i just say, i LOVE the 4th of July. it is by FAR my favorite holiday. this year was well spent, and i loved every minute of it :)


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