Wednesday, July 6, 2011

night at the park {flashback}

the Lechem's came to town from Colorado. Julie, Jeff, Trey, Kaden, and Avery. we celebrated with a night at the Westmore park. a picnic. i love picnic's :)

there were also motorcycle rides given. Kaden and i went together :) best buddies
we got back and more kids went. after all the kids were done. my 87 year old great grandmother wanted a ride! that crazy woman :) she is great. she is so young and hip. {how cute is she?}
Kaden and i became best friends that night. and have been ever since :) he's with me, im with him. some call us boyfriend girlfriend. but considering he is 3, and my cousin, it doesn't work out too well, which is why we are buds :)


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